Series 3

Series 3

Laura and Jamie continue their journey into parenthood.

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I'm Excited Too!

1. Pramface: Series 3, I'm Excited Too!

Jamie and Laura are finally a couple, but Laura is already having commitment issues.

Tinker, Tiger, Lobster

2. Pramface: Series 3, Tinker, Tiger, Lobster

Laura finds it hard to live with her dad, especially when he starts dating a girl her age.

Proper Little Family

3. Pramface: Series 3, Proper Little Family

Laura pushes Jamie over the edge when she admits she doesn't want to move in with him.

Ignore the Monkey

4. Pramface: Series 3, Ignore the Monkey

Laura confronts Jamie's new girlfriend, but discovers Isabel is no pushover.

Enchanted Picnic

5. Pramface: Series 3, Enchanted Picnic

Jamie is still dating Isabel, but is starting to find their relationship stifling.

Kiss for the Camera

6. Pramface: Series 3, Kiss for the Camera

Laura finally decides to move on just as Jamie is having second thoughts about Isabel.