Series 4

Series 4

Coast returns for a brand new journey around the British Isles and for the first time visits the shores of our European neighbours

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Episodes List

Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

1. Coast: Series 4, Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

Neil Oliver visits Whitstable and ventures offshore to the remarkable Red Sands sea forts.

France: Cap Gris-Nez to Mont Saint-Michel

2. Coast: Series 4, France: Cap Gris-Nez to Mont Saint-Michel

Neil Oliver visits the hidden remains of a fortress built by Henry VIII on Cap Gris-Nez.

Land's End to Porthcawl

3. Coast: Series 4, Land's End to Porthcawl

Neil Oliver casts his own bronze sword and explores the site of the Welsh Great Escape.

Cork to Dublin

4. Coast: Series 4, Cork to Dublin

In Cork, Neil Oliver explores Titanic's last port of call.

Norway: Lillesand to Svalbard

7. Coast: Series 4, Norway: Lillesand to Svalbard

Coast explores the spectacular shoreline of Norway.

Rosyth to Hull

8. Coast: Series 4, Rosyth to Hull

Neil Oliver visits the bustling port of Rosyth to explore Britain's global sea trade.