Brief visits to Britain's beautiful coastline

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Snettisham Floods

Coast: Shorts, Snettisham Floods

Nicholas Crane visits Norfolk and discovers the effect the weather can have on sea levels.

Shetland Tsunami

Coast: Shorts, Shetland Tsunami

Nicholas Crane discovers evidence of a giant tsunami that reshaped the Shetland coast.

Cardiff and Barry

Coast: Shorts, Cardiff and Barry

Neil Oliver is in Cardiff's new marina, then travels to the beaches at Barry.


Coast: Shorts, Unst

Neil Oliver meets the man who designed the first hydrogen car in Unst.

Holy Island

Coast: Shorts, Holy Island

Mark Horton relives the first Viking raid on our shores in 793 AD.

Wales: Severn Bore

5. Coast: Shorts, Wales: Severn Bore

Nicholas Crane explores the coast of south Wales.

Wales: The Gower, Rockpools and Dylan Thomas

8. Coast: Shorts, Wales: The Gower, Rockpools and Dylan Thomas

Zoologist Miranda Krestovnikoff reveals some rockpool secrets.

West Coast: Blackpool and Morecambe Bay

16. Coast: Shorts, West Coast: Blackpool and Morecambe Bay

Nicholas Crane and the team visit the coastal areas of Blackpool and Morecambe Bay.

Sefton Sands

18. Coast: Shorts, Sefton Sands

Nicholas Crane explores the beautiful coastal area of Sefton Sands.

Strangford Lough

26. Coast: Shorts, Strangford Lough

Miranda dives into the Northern Irish lough to see the beauty of what lies beneath.

East Coast: Smugglers, Alum and Scarborough Bay

28. Coast: Shorts, East Coast: Smugglers, Alum and Scarborough Bay

Nicholas Crane retraces the steps of smugglers in Robin Hood's Bay.

Coastal Erosion

31. Coast: Shorts, Coastal Erosion

Nick meets Peter Boggis, a man trying to save his home from coastal erosion.


32. Coast: Shorts, Howick

Stone Age remains of Britain's first house are recovered by a team of archaeologists.

North-East Coast - Bamburgh

33. Coast: Shorts, North-East Coast - Bamburgh

Nicholas Crane visits Bamburgh in Northumberland, whose castle sits on a basalt crag.


34. Coast: Shorts, Blackwater

Nicholas Crane and a team of experts visit the Blackwater Estuary in Essex.

The Great Orme

36. Coast: Shorts, The Great Orme

The team visit the limestone headland of the Great Orme in Llandudno, north Wales.


40. Coast: Shorts, Choughs

Neil Oliver discovers the choughs which have recently returned to the Cornish coast.

Dublin and the Laytown Races

45. Coast: Shorts, Dublin and the Laytown Races

Neil Oliver visits the Irish capital on the Liffey.

Looe and Falmouth

46. Coast: Shorts, Looe and Falmouth

Neil Oliver takes the team to Cornwall, England's most coastal county.

Saltburn to Scarborough

47. Coast: Shorts, Saltburn to Scarborough

The team journey to Saltburn, a resort founded by the Victorian entrepreneur Henry Pease.

Carrickfergus to Ballintoy

48. Coast: Shorts, Carrickfergus to Ballintoy

Alice Roberts visits the mines at Carrickfergus. In Ballintoy, she visits Bendhu House.

Dublin to Belfast

49. Coast: Shorts, Dublin to Belfast

From Dublin to Belfast, a look at how the sea has shaped the island of Ireland.

South Uist to Harris

50. Coast: Shorts, South Uist to Harris

Neil Oliver battles the elements on a lost golf course designed by golfer Tom Morris.

Kayak Journey

56. Coast: Shorts, Kayak Journey

Patrick Winterton carried out a 750-mile kayak trip from Glasgow to the Outer Hebrides.


57. Coast: Shorts, Puffins

Miranda Krestovnikoff meets the puffins of the Shiant Isles.


58. Coast: Shorts, Felixstowe

Neil Oliver visits Britain's largest container port.


61. Coast: Shorts, Pebbles

Nicholas Crane and a team discover how the beach pebble makes detectives of us all.

St Kilda Archaeology

62. Coast: Shorts, St Kilda Archaeology

Neil Oliver finds out about conservation efforts on the largely uninhabited island.

The Old Man of Hoy

64. Coast: Shorts, The Old Man of Hoy

Neil Oliver explains the history and climb of the spectacular 450-feet-tall sea stack.

Galway Beans

69. Coast: Shorts, Galway Beans

Neil Oliver discovers how flotsam inspired Columbus's accidental discovery of America.

Isle of Man

70. Coast: Shorts, Isle of Man

Miranda Krestovnikoff searches for the biggest sharks in British waters.

Black Fort of Aran

71. Coast: Shorts, Black Fort of Aran

Neil Oliver visits a prehistoric fort on the island of Aran.

John Paul Jones at Whitehaven

72. Coast: Shorts, John Paul Jones at Whitehaven

Neil Oliver discovers why a delegation from the US Navy visits Whitehaven every year.

Southwold Art

73. Coast: Shorts, Southwold Art

The team journey around the breathtaking shoreline of East Anglia.

Brunel's Railway

74. Coast: Shorts, Brunel's Railway

Mark Horton travels on Brunel's Great Western Railway along the stunning coast of Devon.

Sand Castles

76. Coast: Shorts, Sand Castles

Alice Roberts goes to Weymouth, Lyme Regis and Torquay.

Land Slides

77. Coast: Shorts, Land Slides

Nicholas Crane unearths the story of massive mudslides in Lyme Regis.

Property Coast

78. Coast: Shorts, Property Coast

The Coast experts journey along the stunning south coast of England.

Milford Haven

79. Coast: Shorts, Milford Haven

Neil Oliver visits Chapel Bay Fort in Milford Haven.


80. Coast: Shorts, Lighthouse

Neil Oliver explores the extraordinary story of building Britain's most famous lighthouse.


81. Coast: Shorts, Copper

A look at how Swansea's monopoly of the copper trade propelled Nelson towards victory.


82. Coast: Shorts, Sand

Alice Roberts boards a dredger to discover a precious resource: sand from the seabed.

Slapton Sands

85. Coast: Shorts, Slapton Sands

Dick Strawbridge looks at World War II's secret and disastrous Operation Tiger.


86. Coast: Shorts, Blackpool

Hermione Cockburn looks at the rate at which the sands around Southport are disappearing.

Marine Reserve

87. Coast: Shorts, Marine Reserve

The Coast experts visit a spectacular marine reserve off St Abbs and the Bass Rock.

Northern Islands

88. Coast: Shorts, Northern Islands

The World War II freedom fighters who risked everything running the Shetland Bus.

Snowdonia to the Menai Straits

89. Coast: Shorts, Snowdonia to the Menai Straits

Nicholas Crane canoes the treacherous Menai Straits.

Channel Islands and Dover Straits

90. Coast: Shorts, Channel Islands and Dover Straits

Neil Oliver is in the Channel Islands and kayaks over to Les Ecrehous.

The Workers' Coast

91. Coast: Shorts, The Workers' Coast

Miranda Krestovnikoff learns how to deal with sea-faring mammals that become beached.