Series 4

Series 4

It is 1924, Tommy Shelby is caught in a dangerous web of international intrigue as he battles with forces that threaten to split his family apart.

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The Noose

1. Peaky Blinders: Series 4, The Noose

When he receives a mysterious letter, Tommy realises the Shelbys are in danger.


2. Peaky Blinders: Series 4, Heathens

As the Shelbys come to terms with shocking events, a bold new enemy makes his move.


3. Peaky Blinders: Series 4, Blackbird

Tradition weighs upon Arthur as Changretta finds a chink in the Shelby armour.


4. Peaky Blinders: Series 4, Dangerous

Tommy's enemies edge nearer as an old friend makes a welcomed return.

The Duel

5. Peaky Blinders: Series 4, The Duel

The bloody battle lines are drawn and a treacherous deal is struck.

The Company

6. Peaky Blinders: Series 4, The Company

A stunning betrayal threatens to end the Shelby empire for good.