Series 9

Series 9

Series following specialist companies who compete against each other to trace heirs to unclaimed estates

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6. Heir Hunters: Series 9, Kettle/Sproat

The heir hunters reveal the heroic tale of WWII minesweepers.


7. Heir Hunters: Series 9, Massey/Barnett

The heir hunters reveal a family's links to one comic genius' radio career.


8. Heir Hunters: Series 9, Richards/Hunt

The beneficiaries of a priest uncover his remarkable dedication to his parish.


9. Heir Hunters: Series 9, Lennon/Hartley

The heir hunters find a family's historical link to the beginnings of professional sport.


10. Heir Hunters: Series 9, Gill/Fisher

The heir hunters investigate the case of a famous Blackpool accordion player.


11. Heir Hunters: Series 9, Franklin/Murgatroyd

The team find themselves in a frustrating search for heirs on a huge family tree.