Big City Park

Big City Park

May the friendly park keeper and her friends welcome enthusiastic young explorers to their park for a day of fun.

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May's First Day

1. Big City Park: May's First Day

It is May's first day as the new park keeper in Big City Park.

Everyone Can Sing

2. Big City Park: Everyone Can Sing

May, Ruairi and Billy are having fun singing, so Dara and her young friends join them.

Captain Billy

4. Big City Park: Captain Billy

May, Dara, Billy and the children discover bird's nests, millipedes and other insects.

Woodland Workout

5. Big City Park: Woodland Workout

Billy wants to be able to run as fast as Dara but doesn't like exercising very much.

Sounds of the Park

6. Big City Park: Sounds of the Park

Billy tries to remember all the different sounds they have heard in the park.

Follow the Signs

7. Big City Park: Follow the Signs

Everyone goes exploring in the park, but Billy is worried about getting lost.

Henry Hedgehog

8. Big City Park: Henry Hedgehog

Everyone helps Billy look for his favourite toy, Henry Hedgehog, when it goes missing.

I Want to Grow Bigger

9. Big City Park: I Want to Grow Bigger

Billy is upset that he is the smallest of the group, and wants to grow bigger.

Ruairi Day

10. Big City Park: Ruairi Day

Billy, Dara and the children look for something nice to give Ruairi for Ruairi Day.

Quest for the Chest

11. Big City Park: Quest for the Chest

Dara learns from her friends in the city how to find things that have been lost.

A Load of Rubbish

12. Big City Park: A Load of Rubbish

Dara and her friends help May and Billy pick up litter that has been dropped.

A Magic Carpet Ride

13. Big City Park: A Magic Carpet Ride

Dara and her friends help May and Billy pick up litter that has been dropped.


14. Big City Park: Splash

Billy discovers his reflection in the stream and May explains how it works.

Happy Birthday May

15. Big City Park: Happy Birthday May

Dara and Billy try to find something special for May's birthday.

Up in the Trees

16. Big City Park: Up in the Trees

Billy admits he doesn't know how to climb trees, so the others try to teach him.

Tall Tales

17. Big City Park: Tall Tales

Billy becomes upset as he doesn't think he has an imagination.

A Den for Dara

18. Big City Park: A Den for Dara

May teaches everyone about where different animals live in the park.

Rain Can Be Fun

19. Big City Park: Rain Can Be Fun

May shows Billy how to have lots of fun outside after it has rained.

Making Music Is Easy

20. Big City Park: Making Music Is Easy

Billy conducts the children as they make music for May, to cheer her up.

Making Things Grow

21. Big City Park: Making Things Grow

May convinces Billy that if he grows vegetables they will make him play football better.

Summer Holiday

22. Big City Park: Summer Holiday

May's holiday is cancelled so the gang have a holiday in the park to make up for it.

Ruairi's Little Friend

23. Big City Park: Ruairi's Little Friend

May and Billy hear a bloodcurdling scream. It was Ruari, and it's because he saw a spider.

Big Windy Park

24. Big City Park: Big Windy Park

It has been windy and the park is a mess. Suddenly a gust blows Ruairi's hat off his head.

Outfoxed by a Fox

25. Big City Park: Outfoxed by a Fox

Billy finds a giant footprint he thinks belongs to a bear. Dara suspects it's a trick.

A Special Friend Visits

26. Big City Park: A Special Friend Visits

May's friend Joe tells her all about his recent trip around the world.