Disaster Chefs

Disaster Chefs

Food fanatic Stefan Gates teaches parents to cook a restaurant-standard, two-course meal in a professional kitchen for three judges

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Disaster Chefs: Episode 1

Mum Kirstie from Glasgow attempts roast lamb, followed by a sticky butterscotch pudding.

Episode 2

2. Disaster Chefs: Episode 2

Tony from Desborough tries to master a menu of beef wellington followed by profiteroles.

Episode 3

3. Disaster Chefs: Episode 3

Shaida from Birmingham tries a menu of lasagne al forno followed by chocolate pudding.

Episode 4

4. Disaster Chefs: Episode 4

Dad Andy from Northamptonshire attemps a crab starter and a chicken kiev main course.

Episode 5

5. Disaster Chefs: Episode 5

Stef helps two kids whose mum feeds them cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Episode 6

6. Disaster Chefs: Episode 6

Zeta from Liverpool is fed up with her mum's rotten dinners.

Episode 7

7. Disaster Chefs: Episode 7

Godfrey from Suffolk attempts a tapas selection of tortilla, chorizo and crispy squid.

Episode 8

8. Disaster Chefs: Episode 8

The dad of Lucy and Ella from Sunderland attempts a traditional Swedish smorgasbord.

Episode 9

9. Disaster Chefs: Episode 9

Michelle from Ruislip attempts fresh pasta followed by a rack of lamb with pesto crust.

Episode 10

10. Disaster Chefs: Episode 10

Moustafa from Southampton attempts salmon and beetroot puff parcels.