Series 4

Series 4

Mystery drama series about a group of friends who use the social networking site Dixi.

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A Death-Defying Mission

1. DIXI: Series 4, A Death-Defying Mission

Billie is running for student president but is accused of a crime she didn't commit.

The Greenhouse Mile

2. DIXI: Series 4, The Greenhouse Mile

Billie and Selene are having a hard time in the greenhouse, so they plan a break out.

This Means War

3. DIXI: Series 4, This Means War

Billie races to find someone who will run against Blake in the election.

The Smell of Freedom

4. DIXI: Series 4, The Smell of Freedom

Echo is nervous about the debate, but an anonymous tip helps Billie and Selene.

Milk Shakespeare

5. DIXI: Series 4, Milk Shakespeare

Echo needs persuading to stay in the presidential race, and Amani reveals a secret.

The Alessandro Identity

6. DIXI: Series 4, The Alessandro Identity

The gang try to find out who hacked Alessandro's account.

Sing When You're Winning

7. DIXI: Series 4, Sing When You're Winning

It's the final presidential head-to-head debate and Billie makes an unpopular decision.

Imperfect Harmony

8. DIXI: Series 4, Imperfect Harmony

Billie tries to coax a confession from her latest suspect.

A Shake With Blake

9. DIXI: Series 4, A Shake With Blake

The League of Ordinary Heroes rally round Selene - and get a new lead on the Shredder.

Ordinary Heroes Assemble

10. DIXI: Series 4, Ordinary Heroes Assemble

Bubs is thrown into the greenhouse, and Billie and Amani trail the latest suspect.

Social Media 101

11. DIXI: Series 4, Social Media 101

It's Bubs last day in the greenhouse - what did he find out?

Crisis in Parallel Proms

12. DIXI: Series 4, Crisis in Parallel Proms

Bubs says he's solved the mystery, but so does Blake. Who will Billie believe?

The Final Boss

13. DIXI: Series 4, The Final Boss

Billie and Bubs rush to prom before the election results are announced.