Series 3

Series 3

Mystery drama series. An anonymous internet troll targets Shari and her friends. Can she end the cyber bullying and solve the biggest Dixi mystery yet?

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Uncharted Waters

1. DIXI: Series 3, Uncharted Waters

Shari, Mimi and the gang are excited to be picked for a special creative arts course.

Undercover Showrunner

2. DIXI: Series 3, Undercover Showrunner

Shari plots to get closer to her prime suspect - while Syd and Chloe run into a troll.

Mean, Motive & Opportunity

3. DIXI: Series 3, Mean, Motive & Opportunity

There's a shock in store for Mimi as the investigation continues.

Crisis Summit

4. DIXI: Series 3, Crisis Summit

A new attack makes Shari question her friendships.

ReWrites and Wrongs

5. DIXI: Series 3, ReWrites and Wrongs

Shari and Mimi team up to stake out the dress rehearsal and uncover a new suspect.

Pitchforks & Torches

6. DIXI: Series 3, Pitchforks & Torches

Shari's campaign affects the showcase, and her friends, in ways she never expected.

Game Over

7. DIXI: Series 3, Game Over

Shari is still feeling the consequences of her Take Back Dixi campaign.

Cave of Trolls

8. DIXI: Series 3, Cave of Trolls

Shari, Syd and Chloe all follow the clues to a cosplay at Laser Maze.

Look Before You Leap

9. DIXI: Series 3, Look Before You Leap

Shari and Mimi reunite but can't agree over who they think the Nameless One is.

The Show Must Go On

10. DIXI: Series 3, The Show Must Go On

An old Dixi post from the past leads to upset for one of the students.

Who Sent in the Clowns?

11. DIXI: Series 3, Who Sent in the Clowns?

The Nameless One causes new chaos on the evening of the showcase.


12. DIXI: Series 3, Showtime

Shari and Mimi finally face down the Nameless One. Whodunnit?