Series 2

Series 2

Mystery drama series. Mimi and her friends investigate after they receive a 'cursed' chain message on Dixi.

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Episodes List

It Started With A Curse...

1. DIXI: Series 2, It Started With A Curse...

Mimi and her friends get spooked when they receive a 'cursed' chain message on Dixi.

Supernatural Showdown

2. DIXI: Series 2, Supernatural Showdown

Mimi is convinced that Kat is behind the Alice curse but her friends disagree.

Paranormal Hacktivity

3. DIXI: Series 2, Paranormal Hacktivity

Mimi's investigation gets a new suspect, but the Dixi curse is getting worse.

Hex Factor

4. DIXI: Series 2, Hex Factor

Mimi and the gang make it to Hollow Tree Park, but has 'Alice' followed them there?

Unlucky and Friendless

5. DIXI: Series 2, Unlucky and Friendless

Mimi's search for evidence leads to her worst fears coming true.

Curiouser and Curiouser

6. DIXI: Series 2, Curiouser and Curiouser

Mimi is trapped in isolation and Alice is still on the loose.

An in Tents Weekend

7. DIXI: Series 2, An in Tents Weekend

The camping weekend leads to some surprising new evidence.

A Dark and Stormy Night

8. DIXI: Series 2, A Dark and Stormy Night

Mimi's investigation takes a shocking turn - has she caught 'Alice' in action?

Into the Woods...

9. DIXI: Series 2, Into the Woods...

'Alice' has been caught red-handed... but Mimi is convinced the case isn't closed.

Disco Inferno

10. DIXI: Series 2, Disco Inferno

Mimi rushes to Disco Inferno to finally come face to face with 'Alice'.