Series 3

Series 3

Drama series set in 1800s London about Hetty Feather and her little brother who live at the Foundling Hospital.

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Episodes List

News From Nowhere

1. Hetty Feather: Series 3, News From Nowhere

Hetty receives exciting news and makes a daring escape.

The Unexpected Friend

2. Hetty Feather: Series 3, The Unexpected Friend

Hetty searches the streets of London for Ida. Matron has her own plans to find her.

The Break-In

3. Hetty Feather: Series 3, The Break-In

Hetty helps a street girl who breaks into the hospital looking for safety.

Land of Opportunity

4. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Land of Opportunity

Hetty searches for the secret book that could bring Matron's downfall.

Dangerous Game

5. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Dangerous Game

Hetty discovers that others are planning a daring visit.

Cannon Fodder

6. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Cannon Fodder

Hetty's plan to help Nurse Winterson backfires when an innocent man is accused of theft.

The Last Sunday

7. Hetty Feather: Series 3, The Last Sunday

Special visitors to the hospital are caught up in a fight among the boys.

Farewell Service

8. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Farewell Service

Hetty is shocked when she discovers that Matron has sinister plans for her future.

New Beginnings

9. Hetty Feather: Series 3, New Beginnings

Hetty starts her new life in a grand country house but is drawn into a world of mystery.

The Past Returns

10. Hetty Feather: Series 3, The Past Returns

Hetty plans to rescue a kidnapped girl, leading to a final confrontation with her enemy.