Hit the Stage

Hit the Stage

Pop star Katy B helps a group of children, who all love music, to get the chance to perform on the biggest stages possible

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Hit the Stage: Episode 1

Pop star Katy B meets budding singer/songwriter Hannah and DJ Shay.

Episode 2

2. Hit the Stage: Episode 2

Church singer Micaela prepares for her biggest ever stage.

Episode 3

3. Hit the Stage: Episode 3

Eibhin auditions for a chance to perform at a massive concert.

Episode 4

4. Hit the Stage: Episode 4

Conal plays his fiddle at the biggest Irish traditional music festival in the world.

Episode 5

5. Hit the Stage: Episode 5

Darrel prepares to play his own piano composition in front of a live audience.