Series 1

Series 1

Animated preschool series encouraging children, through imaginary adventures, to challenge the workings of the world. Who says the world works the way grown-ups think it should?

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Animal Pals

1. Kazoops!: Series 1, Animal Pals

Jimmy Jones grows jealous when Monty brings home the class guinea pig for the weekend.

Backyard Beach

2. Kazoops!: Series 1, Backyard Beach

Monty wonders whether you can have can have a fun day out without ever leaving home.

Dino Saurus Games

3. Kazoops!: Series 1, Dino Saurus Games

Monty and Jimmy Jones imagine travelling back millions of years.

Tiny Little Me

4. Kazoops!: Series 1, Tiny Little Me

Monty and Jimmy Jones shrink to the size of a bee and go exploring.

Cosmic Clean Up

5. Kazoops!: Series 1, Cosmic Clean Up

Stan and Violet suggest that Monty should turn tidying into a game to make it more fun.

Clothes for Jimmy

6. Kazoops!: Series 1, Clothes for Jimmy

The Kazoops go shopping after Stan shrinks everyone's clothes in the wash.


7. Kazoops!: Series 1, Monsters

Jimmy Jones is scared of monsters under the bed and Monty wonders how they can be scary.

Follow the Rules

8. Kazoops!: Series 1, Follow the Rules

Monty tries to change the rules of a board game when Jimmy Jones keeps beating him.

Half a Pair

9. Kazoops!: Series 1, Half a Pair

Monty wonders if there are any uses for a half of a pair of something.

The Beautiful Game

10. Kazoops!: Series 1, The Beautiful Game

Monty questions whether you can only play a game if you have all the correct equipment.

Matching Socks

11. Kazoops!: Series 1, Matching Socks

When Monty can't find a pair of matching socks, he wonders why things should match at all.

Flower Power

12. Kazoops!: Series 1, Flower Power

Monty wonders if flowers are as amazing as everyone seems to think they are.

Rainy Day

13. Kazoops!: Series 1, Rainy Day

Monty wonders whether there is a way to have fun outside, even when it's raining.

Best Bike in the World

14. Kazoops!: Series 1, Best Bike in the World

Monty wonders why you have to let go of your favourite things when you outgrow them.

Piggy Portrait

15. Kazoops!: Series 1, Piggy Portrait

Monty wonders whether all paintings have to look like real life.

The Night's Alright

16. Kazoops!: Series 1, The Night's Alright

Even though it is bedtime, Monty and Jimmy Jones aren't tired.

Daredevil Dude

17. Kazoops!: Series 1, Daredevil Dude

Monty ponders whether all heroes have to solve big problems.

Cubby House

18. Kazoops!: Series 1, Cubby House

Monty is disappointed to find the cubby house Stan built him is empty inside.

Happy Ordinary Day

19. Kazoops!: Series 1, Happy Ordinary Day

Monty wonders if you really can only celebrate big, special occasions.

Coconut Safari Club

20. Kazoops!: Series 1, Coconut Safari Club

Monty finds out Jimmy Jones can't appreciate music because he's an animal.

Never Mending Story

21. Kazoops!: Series 1, Never Mending Story

Monty doesn't think the Kazoop's couch being broken makes it useless.

Topsy Turvy Time

22. Kazoops!: Series 1, Topsy Turvy Time

Monty is in a topsy-turvy mood and doing things a little bit differently.

Pea Soup

23. Kazoops!: Series 1, Pea Soup

Monty thinks Gran's soup might be the tastiest in the world.

Tasty Trip

24. Kazoops!: Tasty Trip

Monty wonders about ways other than travelling to explore the world.

Star Yeti

25. Kazoops: Star Yeti

Monty wonders if being famous would really be as great as Jeanie thinks.

The Incredible Kazoops

26. Kazoops: The Incredible Kazoops

Monty discovers he is the only one in the family who can't whistle.

I Am Monty

27. Kazoops: I Am Monty

Monty wonders whether everyone in a family should be alike.

Hello Goodbye

28. Kazoops!: Hello Goodbye

Monty wonders if it is possible to feel both happy and sad at the same time.

Piggy Dreamer

29. Kazoops: Piggy Dreamer

Monty wonders what animals dream about.

The Queen

30. Kazoops!: Series 1, The Queen

Monty wonders whether the Queen has perfect manners all the time.

Daydreamer Monty

31. Kazoops!: Series 1, Daydreamer Monty

Monty is dreaming up fantastical ways to get the new piano upstairs.

Wild Thing

32. Kazoops!: Series 1, Wild Thing

Monty and Jimmy Jones imagine how exciting it would be to have a pet lion at home.

King of the City

33. Kazoops!: Series 1, King of the City

During a painting contest, Monty wonders if being the best is the most important thing.

Different Folks

34. Kazoops!: Series 1, Different Folks

Monty wonders if people who like different things can still be friends.

Bold Knight

35. Kazoops!: Series 1, Bold Knight

When Stan is too scared to go into the cellar, Monty wonders if even adults get scared.

Crowded House

36. Kazoops!: Series 1, Crowded House

Monty imagines what it would be like if he and Jimmy Jones lived by themselves.

Silence for Stan

37. Kazoops!: Silence for Stan

Stan is sick in bed, so Monty tries to find a game to play that isn't noisy.

Do Elephants Forget?

38. Kazoops: Do Elephants Forget?

After he forgets to do his chores, Monty wonders if it's possible to remember everything.

Dad Dancing

39. Kazoops!: Series 1, Dad Dancing

Stan isn't a good dancer, but do you have to be good at things to enjoy them?

Techno Monty

40. Kazoops: Techno Monty

Monty wonders how a computer game can be more fun than playing with friends in real life.

Ugli Fruit

41. Kazoops: Ugli Fruit

When offered an odd-looking fruit, Monty realises you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Fun Factory

42. Kazoops: Fun Factory

It's time to leave the park, and Monty wonders why fun things have to come to an end.

Fix It, Mum and Dad

43. Kazoops: Fix It, Mum and Dad

Monty thinks mums and dads can fix everything, but finds out this isn't always true.

The Good Winner

44. Kazoops!: Series 1, The Good Winner

Monty wonders whether you can turn a sore loser into a good loser.

Big and Small

45. Kazoops: Big and Small

Preparing a gift for Jimmy Jones, Monty wonders if the best things come in small packages.

Piggy Blues

46. Kazoops!: Series 1, Piggy Blues

When Jimmy Jones is sad, Monty wonders why everyone can't be happy all the time.

Follow the Leader

47. Kazoops!: Series 1, Follow the Leader

The Kazoops struggle to work as a team when building their new table tennis table.

Hide and Seek

48. Kazoops!: Series 1, Hide and Seek

Monty wonders whether there is a way to hide other than in or behind something.

Dr Funny Bones

49. Kazoops!: Series 1, Dr Funny Bones

If you get a splinter in your finger, can laughter really be the best medicine?

Wish List

50. Kazoops!: Series 1, Wish List

Monty and Jimmy Jones imagine what it would be like to have everything you want.

Round and Round

51. Kazoops!: Series 1, Round and Round

Jeanie says going round in circles won't help find a missing key, but Monty isn't so sure.

The Greatest Gift

52. Kazoops!: Series 1, The Greatest Gift

Monty wonders if a gift has to be big or cost money to be special.

Take a Break

53. Kazoops!: Series 1, Take a Break

Seeing Violet enjoying doing nothing, Monty wonders if it's better to stop and relax.

Parcel Puzzle

54. Kazoops!: Series 1, Parcel Puzzle

Monty wonders if only big people can solve big problems.

Monty Repeats Himself

55. Kazoops!: Series 1, Monty Repeats Himself

Monty's teacher asks him not to repeat himself, but Monty thinks repetition can be useful.

Bath Night

56. Kazoops!: Series 1, Bath Night

Monty is avoiding taking a bath and wonders if you really need to get wet to get clean.

Seabed Sleepover

57. Kazoops!: Series 1, Seabed Sleepover

Monty is going for a sleepover, but he is worried about being away from Jimmy Jones.

Same Old Story

58. Kazoops!: Series 1, Same Old Story

Monty doesn't like the end of a story and wonders if you can change the way a story ends.


59. Kazoops!: Series 1, Camping

Monty overpacks for a camping trip, but soon realises that fewer things can mean more fun.

Caring Sharing Monty

60. Kazoops!: Series 1, Caring Sharing Monty

When Monty's friend doesn't return a toy, Monty decides to stop sharing his things.

Music Power

61. Kazoops!: Series 1, Music Power

Monty and Jimmy Jones discover all the different ways music can make you feel.

You're Never Too Old

62. Kazoops!: Series 1, You're Never Too Old

After he's teased at school, Monty worries that he is too old for cuddly toys.

Fun With Clouds

63. Kazoops!: Series 1, Fun With Clouds

Grey clouds ruin the Kazoops' plans, but Monty wants to show them that clouds are great.

Car Trip

64. Kazoops!: Series 1, Car Trip

Monty wonders if things become dull if they you do them every day.

Know It All

66. Kazoops!: Series 1, Know It All

Monty wonders if there is anyone who knows everything.

Surprising Stan

67. Kazoops!: Series 1, Surprising Stan

Violet is planning a surprise getaway for Stan, but Monty struggles to keep it a secret.

Pretend Piggy

68. Kazoops!: Series 1, Pretend Piggy

When Monty pretends to be a pig, his family tell him people shouldn't behave like animals.

Waiting Games

69. Kazoops!: Series 1, Waiting Games

Monty wonders if good things really come to those who wait.

Jimmy Jones Rules

70. Kazoops!: Series 1, Jimmy Jones Rules

Monty tries to convince his family that Jimmy Jones is more than just a cuddly pet.

Honestly Monty

71. Kazoops!: Series 1, Honestly Monty

After breaking Jeanie's science project, Monty discovers that honesty is the best policy.

My Family

72. Kazoops!: Series 1, My Family

Monty is teased by a school friend for having a strange family.

Monty Rides Again

73. Kazoops!: Series 1, Monty Rides Again

Monty is nervous about trying skateboarding.

Purple Zappa

74. Kazoops!: Series 1, Purple Zappa

Monty wonders whether to play with his new toy robot or keep it shiny and new in the box.

Get It Wrong to Get It Right

75. Kazoops!: Series 1, Get It Wrong to Get It Right

Monty learns that mistakes can be useful sometimes.