Let's Celebrate

Let's Celebrate

Party-enthusiast Thomas Ticker introduces young children who are preparing to celebrate religious and cultural festivals in the UK

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1. Let's Celebrate: Christmas

Katie and Hannah from Bournemouth prepare for Christmas.


2. Let's Celebrate: Norouz

Brother and sister Berzin and Benifer prepare for the Iranian new year festival of Norouz.

St Patrick's Day

3. Let's Celebrate: St Patrick's Day

Eadaoin and Orla from Downpatrick are preparing for St Patrick's Day.


4. Let's Celebrate: Holi

Sumedh from Birmingham is preparing for Holi - the Hindu festival of colour.

St David's Day

5. Let's Celebrate: St David's Day

Children from St David's in Wales are busy preparing for St David's Day.


6. Let's Celebrate: Purim

Twins Eden and Lulu from London are getting ready for the Jewish festival of Purim.


7. Let's Celebrate: Vaisakhi

Sarbjot from Gravesend is busy preparing for the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi!

Chinese New Year

8. Let's Celebrate: Chinese New Year

Abbie from Liverpool is busy preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations.


9. Let's Celebrate: Easter

Toby from Lancashire prepares for Easter and meets some baby lambs and chicks.


10. Let's Celebrate: Carnival

Myriam from London chooses a costume for Notting Hill Carnival and gets ready to dance.


11. Let's Celebrate: Eid-ul-Fitr

Amirah and her family from Manchester prepare for the Islamic festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.


12. Let's Celebrate: Wesak

Shelin from Glasgow is preparing for the Buddhist festival of Wesak.


13. Let's Celebrate: Diwali

Jessica from Leicester is busy preparing for Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.

St Andrew's Day

14. Let's Celebrate: St Andrew's Day

George and Archie from St Andrew's in Scotland are busy preparing for St Andrew's Day.

St George's Day

15. Let's Celebrate: St George's Day

Twins Sam and Matthew from Bedfordshire get ready for St George's Day.