Series 1

Series 1

Children's drama series about undercover agents in an inner-city high school

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The Sinister Prime Minister

1. M.I. High: Series 1, The Sinister Prime Minister

MI9 become suspicious when the peace-loving prime minister declares World War III.

Eyes on the Stars

2. M.I. High: Series 1, Eyes on the Stars

Zombie kids are ransacking music stores, and M.I.9 suspect boy band Crush.

The Big Freeze

3. M.I. High: Series 1, The Big Freeze

School spies Rose & Daisy's relationship gets frosty as Britain is plunged into an ice age

The Power Thief

4. M.I. High: Series 1, The Power Thief

When freak power cuts sweep the nation, the spies are in the dark about who is to blame.

Nerd Alert

5. M.I. High: Series 1, Nerd Alert

The Worm has taken control of Britain's space defences, leaving the country vulnerable.

Super Blane

6. M.I. High: Series 1, Super Blane

Blane is jealous when a charismatic teen CIA officer joins the spy team.

Spy Animals

7. M.I. High: Series 1, Spy Animals

A mad inventor tries to sniff out school spies, but assumes the teachers are the agents.

Forever Young

8. M.I. High: Series 1, Forever Young

When a beautician unleashes a youth potion, St Hope's becomes a school for toddlers.

Red Button Rampage

9. M.I. High: Series 1, Red Button Rampage

Dylan Towser has world peace in his grasp with his missile disarmer.

The Fugitive

10. M.I. High: Series 1, The Fugitive

When a UFO crashes nearby, the spies must secure the site for aviation agency AirOne.