My Genius Idea

My Genius Idea

An invention and ideas competition looking for the next generation of budding inventors

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. My Genius Idea: Episode 1

Three young inventors who must try to convince the judge that their idea is genius.

Episode 2

2. My Genius Idea: Episode 2

Ideas include voice-activated doors and some ingenious ways to make cycling safer.

Episode 3

3. My Genius Idea: Episode 3

Ideas include totally green electricity and a communication device for the deaf.

Episode 4

4. My Genius Idea: Episode 4

Ideas include a robot to help around the house, a tree simulator and energy from space.

Episode 5

5. My Genius Idea: Episode 5

Ideas include a warning system to protect sealife and a unique way to stop cars crashing.

Episode 6

6. My Genius Idea: Episode 6

Ideas include a multipurpose tracker bag and an exercise boot.

Episode 7

7. My Genius Idea: Episode 7

Ideas include a device to stop baths overflowing and an invention to make cycling safer.

Episode 8

8. My Genius Idea: Episode 8

Ideas include an idea to protect marine mammals and a way of making electricity in space.

Episode 9

9. My Genius Idea: Episode 9

It's the final, featuring the bike safety system and the device to protect marine life.