Project Parent

Project Parent

Project Parent

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South London

1. Project Parent: South London

Kicki is fed up with her mum's dull look of either tracksuit or business suit.


2. Project Parent: Portsmouth

In Portsmouth, Meigan wants to turn her bookworm dad from geek to chic.


3. Project Parent: Birmingham

In Birmingham, Molly and Harry give their mum's wardrobe a Hollywood makeover.


4. Project Parent: Bolton

In Bolton, Georgia swaps her uncle's scruffy work clothes for a style based on JLS.


5. Project Parent: Brighton

In Brighton, ten-year-old project manager Kelly wants to turn her mum from rock to frock.

New Forest

6. Project Parent: New Forest

Ben and Lauren's mum is afraid of shopping and cannot stop wearing black and purple.


7. Project Parent: Wigan

Megan and Emily want their mum to be a princess for the day.


8. Project Parent: Essex

Tatum's dad Stuart only wears sports clothes, but Tatum can see his inner James Bond.


9. Project Parent: Leeds

In Leeds, Josh and Kati want their mum to have a make-under, not a make-over.


10. Project Parent: Surrey

In Surrey, fashion-mad Henry's mum Sylvia loves dancing but hates shopping.

East London

11. Project Parent: East London

In East London, Sam wants to get his dad out of his combats and inject some colour.


12. Project Parent: Northampton

In Northampton, Manon wants her French mum Claire to display a bit of Parisian chic.


13. Project Parent: Blackpool

Ellis wants to help his clothes mad dad who doesn't know how to put an outfit together.