Remote Control Star

Remote Control Star

Prankster presenters JK and Joel host a new hidden camera comedy series. Three friends take total control of a celebrity for a day using sneaky remote earpieces

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Episodes List

Joe Swash

1. Remote Control Star: Joe Swash

Three friends take command of former EastEnder Joe Swash using remote ear pieces.

Kay Purcell

2. Remote Control Star: Kay Purcell

Actress Kay Purcell agrees to obey every hilarious order that comes through her earpiece.

Warwick Davis

3. Remote Control Star: Warwick Davis

Movie star Warwick Davis is commanded through three embarrassing challenges.

Olly Murs

4. Remote Control Star: Olly Murs

X Factor finalist Olly Murs is set three challenges by his remote controllers.

Saira Khan

5. Remote Control Star: Saira Khan

Businesswoman Saira Khan lets three friends remote control her through a secret earpiece.

Craig Revel Horwood

6. Remote Control Star: Craig Revel Horwood

Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood allows Abbie, Kieran and Jess to remote control him.

Angellica Bell

7. Remote Control Star: Angellica Bell

CBBC star Angellica Bell must obey every outrageous order the remote controllers give.

Rav Wilding

8. Remote Control Star: Rav Wilding

Cop School and CrimeWatch presenter Rav Wilding is put to the test by three mates.

Hayley Tamaddon

9. Remote Control Star: Hayley Tamaddon

Emmerdale star and Dancing on Ice winner Hayley Tamaddon is put through her paces.


10. Remote Control Star: Jedward

A team of three cheeky pranksters come up with outrageous challenges for Jedward.