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Episode 1

1. Technobytes: Episode 1

Featuring robots doing human jobs and a future world with no physical money.

Episode 2

2. Technobytes: Episode 2

This episode looks at fuel made from coffee and being able to record dreams in the future.

Episode 3

3. Technobytes: Episode 3

Featuring a look at whether another Earth could be created on Mars.

Episode 4

4. Technobytes: Episode 4

A look at new tech used to grow food and exploring whether we could live with dinosaurs.

Episode 5

5. Technobytes: Episode 5

Exploring new tech in music-making, and whether humans will be able to live forever.

Episode 6

6. Technobytes: Episode 6

A look at augmented/virtual reality and exploring if it's possible to make a lightsaber.

Episode 7

7. Technobytes: Episode 7

A look at transport tech and exploring whether its possible to turn off the internet.

Episode 8

8. Technobytes: Episode 8

A look at tech to help disabled people and asking if humans could ever walk on water.

Episode 9

9. Technobytes: Episode 9

Featuring the future of flying transport and asking if humans could have super sight.