Tilly and Friends

Tilly and Friends

Animation. Tilly and her five animal friends enjoy all the adventures the world around them has to offer.

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Tilly's Best Day Ever

1. Tilly and Friends: Tilly's Best Day Ever

Tilly and her friends have the best day ever and want to make sure they remember it.

Pru Loses Her Voice

2. Tilly and Friends: Pru Loses Her Voice

Tilly and her friends search everywhere for Pru's voice after she loses it while singing.

Really Wheelie Day

3. Tilly and Friends: Really Wheelie Day

When Tilly gets a new bike, her friends realise that she needs a hand to get started.

Tumpty's Shadow

4. Tilly and Friends: Tumpty's Shadow

Everyone is too busy to join in with Tumpty's bumpety-bouncing.

Hector's Pet

5. Tilly and Friends: Hector's Pet

Hector finds a small rock, names him Colin and decides to keep him as a pet.

Doodle Wants to Play

6. Tilly and Friends: Doodle Wants to Play

Doodle is in a playing mood and wants all her friends to join in.

Tiptoe's Rainbow

7. Tilly and Friends: Tiptoe's Rainbow

After a sunny, showery day the friends go in search of a rainbow.

Tilly's Bug Hotel

8. Tilly and Friends: Tilly's Bug Hotel

Tilly's doll's house has a visitor - a little ladybird!

Pru's Parade

9. Tilly and Friends: Pru's Parade

Pru is having a do-something-fabulous day, but everyone else is having a messy day.

Tumpty's Plane

10. Tilly and Friends: Tumpty's Plane

Tilly and her friends are making paper planes, but Tumpty is too clumsy to manage it.

Hector and the Big Bad Wolf

11. Tilly and Friends: Hector and the Big Bad Wolf

Hector gets nervous after hearing a scary story and refuses to come out of his den.

Tiptoe's Mystery

12. Tilly and Friends: Tiptoe's Mystery

It's a wet day, and the friends are wondering what they can do in the house.

The Much Too Many Cake

13. Tilly and Friends: The Much Too Many Cake

The friends bake a cake with all of their favourite ingredients.

Tilly No Tail

14. Tilly and Friends: Tilly No Tail

Tilly's friends decide to make her a tail so that she can join in with their tail dance.

Pru and the Feather Fairy

15. Tilly and Friends: Pru and the Feather Fairy

When Tilly loses a tooth her friends get excited about a visit from the tooth fairy.


16. Tilly and Friends: Flighty-Bitey

Doodle spoils a picnic by being too bitey with the cake.

Tumpty the Great

17. Tilly and Friends: Tumpty the Great

Tumpty is sad that everyone in the little yellow house is good at something except him.

Hector and the Dandelion

18. Tilly and Friends: Hector and the Dandelion

Hector finds a dandelion in the garden and tries to introduce it to his friends.

Doctor Tilly

19. Tilly and Friends: Doctor Tilly

Tilly decides to be a doctor after she manages to make Hector's poorly knee better.

Pru and the Good Turn

20. Tilly and Friends: Pru and the Good Turn

When Pru finds Tumpty's missing toy car, she decides she rather likes saving the day.

Tilly and the Splodge

21. Tilly and Friends: Tilly and the Splodge

Pru helps Tilly save her dress when it gets a big, stubborn, jammy splodge on it.

Tilly's Restaurant

22. Tilly and Friends: Tilly's Restaurant

Tilly decides to open a restaurant so all her friends can enjoy snack time together.

A Star for Tiptoe

23. Tilly and Friends: A Star for Tiptoe

Tiptoe spots a blue star all on his own in the sky and wants to keep him company.

Clumsy Tumpty

24. Tilly and Friends: Clumsy Tumpty

Tumpty wants a biscuit, even though he knows biscuits aren't really breakfast food.

Hector and the Full-Up Moon

25. Tilly and Friends: Hector and the Full-Up Moon

It is bedtime in the Little Yellow House, but Hector is far too busy to sleep.

Tilly Can't Sleep

26. Tilly and Friends: Tilly Can't Sleep

Tilly just can't go to sleep. Her friends try to think of ways to help.

Tilly and the Quiet Game

27. Tilly and Friends: Tilly and the Quiet Game

Tilly wants to spend the afternoon reading her book, but her friends are being very noisy.

Pru's Pencil

28. Tilly and Friends: Pru's Pencil

The playroom wall is looking bare, and Tilly decides it needs some pretty pictures.

Hector Wants to Win

29. Tilly and Friends: Hector Wants to Win

Hector has a new book all about the Olympics and it gives the friends a brilliant idea.

Doodle and the Apple Tree

30. Tilly and Friends: Doodle and the Apple Tree

Doodle finds an apple tree in the garden, but the apples are sharp and sour.

Tiptoe's Jigsaw

31. Tilly and Friends: Tiptoe's Jigsaw

Everyone is squabbling and it's all too much for Tiptoe.

Tumpty Loses His Oomph

32. Tilly and Friends: Tumpty Loses His Oomph

Poor Tumpty's get-up-and-go has got up and gone and he doesn't have any bounce.

Doodle's Bitey Bitey Bitey Day

33. Tilly and Friends: Doodle's Bitey Bitey Bitey Day

Doodle is having an extra-bitey day and has eaten every single apple on the apple tree.

Tilly's Story

34. Tilly and Friends: Tilly's Story

Tilly is reading an exciting story, but when she turns to the last page, it has gone!

Hector and the Huff Tuffet

35. Tilly and Friends: Hector and the Huff Tuffet

It's a happy day and Tilly and friends are spinning and bumping and dancing in the garden.

Little Blue Pru

36. Tilly and Friends: Little Blue Pru

Tilly and friends love reading Little Red Riding Hood and decide to act it out as a play.

Tumpty's Present

37. Tilly and Friends: Tumpty's Present

When the friends wake up, there are presents waiting for them on the doorstep.

Hector Learns to Juggle

38. Tilly and Friends: Hector Learns to Juggle

Hector wishes he had a special skill to show off, and juggling would be perfect!

Doodle and the Marching Band

39. Tilly and Friends: Doodle and the Marching Band

Tilly loves playing her trumpet and it feels like a noisy trumpet day.

Pru and the Bangle

40. Tilly and Friends: Pru and the Bangle

Pru is starring in the famous ballet Chicken Lake and needs to make her outfit fabulous.

Everyone Wants Tiptoe

41. Tilly and Friends: Everyone Wants Tiptoe

Tiptoe is having an extremely popular day - everyone wants him to join in with them.

Hector's Lucky Leaf

42. Tilly and Friends: Hector's Lucky Leaf

Hector loses the lucky leaf which helps him be brave enough to play in the garden.

Princess Tilly

43. Tilly and Friends: Princess Tilly

Tilly tries on a knight's shield, but Pru thinks girls should be princesses.

Pru's Post

44. Tilly and Friends: Pru's Post

Pru writes special letters for everyone.

Tumpty's Skipping Rope

45. Tilly and Friends: Tumpty's Skipping Rope

Tilly and the friends go skipping with some hula hoops.

The Five Tillys

46. Tilly and Friends: The Five Tillys

Being Tilly is really very hard work and so Tilly decides to have a little lie down.

Hector's Hushy House

47. Tilly and Friends: Hector's Hushy House

Hector wants some peace and quiet so he can do his colouring in.

Tilly and the Missing Goz Gog Grabber

48. Tilly and Friends: Tilly and the Missing Goz Gog Grabber

Tilly is making a gooseberry pie, and the friends can't wait to taste it.

Tumpty's Cars

49. Tilly and Friends: Tumpty's Cars

Tumpty's toy cars are his favourite things and he wants to play with them all day.

Tilly and the Crocolion

50. Tilly and Friends: Tilly and the Crocolion

Tilly, Pru and Hector are reading and finding out all about wild animals.

Tiptoe in the Snow

51. Tilly and Friends: Tiptoe in the Snow

Tiptoe is very taken with the toy snow globe - he's never seen anything like it before.

Hector the Clown

52. Tilly and Friends: Hector the Clown

Hector's friends are all far too busy to watch his new dance.