Series 2

Series 2

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1. Badults: Series 2, Football

It's the big game and the Badults go to extraordinary lengths to see the match.


2. Badults: Series 2, Neighbours

Sophisticated and stylish new neighbours threaten to tear the gang apart.


3. Badults: Series 2, Champ

Matthew is determined not to be outdone by a co-worker in a charity fundraiser fun run.

Work and Play

4. Badults: Series 2, Work and Play

Ben accidentally secures a job as VP of Carabine Promotions, much to Matthew's disgust.


5. Badults: Series 2, Holiday

Matthew, Ben and Tom are off on holiday and the taxi leaves in exactly 26 minutes.


6. Badults: Series 2, Changes

The entire future of the flatmates hangs on a single roll of a mystical dice.