Series 4

Series 4

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Farley Manor

1. Citizen Khan: Series 4, Farley Manor

Mr Khan gets into a state at a stately home when Naani takes the law into her own hands.

Family Photo

2. Citizen Khan: Series 4, Family Photo

Mr Khan bites off more than he can chew when he takes on a new role as a lollipop man.

Local Hero

3. Citizen Khan: Series 4, Local Hero

Mr Khan tries to win a Pride of Birmingham award, which leads to an altercation.

Chicken Shop

4. Citizen Khan: Series 4, Chicken Shop

Mr Khan decides to invest his and Mrs Khan's pension money in a fried chicken franchise.

Mystic Mo

5. Citizen Khan: Series 4, Mystic Mo

While teaching Baby Mo to play cricket, Mr Khan discovers his grandson might be psychic.

Alia's Boyfriend

6. Citizen Khan: Series 4, Alia's Boyfriend

Mr Khan enters the Great Sparkhill Bake Off. Meanwhile, Alia gets a boyfriend.

Mr Khan's Christmas Wonderland

7. Citizen Khan: Series 4, Mr Khan's Christmas Wonderland

At the Winter Wonderland, Mr Khan finds himself re-creating an iconic festive scene.