Series 7

Series 7

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Everybody's Trucking

1. Dad's Army: Series 7, Everybody's Trucking

A big exercise is jeopardised when the platoon find a steam engine blocking the road.

A Man of Action

2. Dad's Army: Series 7, A Man of Action

Captain Mainwaring declares martial law when a bomb drops on Walmington-on-Sea.

Gorilla Warfare

3. Dad's Army: Series 7, Gorilla Warfare

During an exercise, Captain Mainwaring poses as a secret agent.

The Godiva Affair

4. Dad's Army: Series 7, The Godiva Affair

The platoon decide to Morris dance at a festival.

The Captain's Car

5. Dad's Army: Series 7, The Captain's Car

Mainwaring is overjoyed when he is offered the use of a Rolls-Royce.

Turkey Dinner

6. Dad's Army: Series 7, Turkey Dinner

Mainwaring's Home Guard platoon decides to give a turkey dinner to the old-age pensioners.