Series 4

Series 4

Follow the jokes, jibes and general misunderstandings of happy-go-lucky Lee, his best mate Tim and the object of Lee's hapless affections, his landlady and Tim's sister, Lucy.

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1. Not Going Out: Series 4, Drugs

After a night spent out clubbing, Tim returns to the flat wearing the wrong coat.


2. Not Going Out: Series 4, Debbie

Lee's past catches up with him when a young woman appears on his doorstep.


3. Not Going Out: Series 4, Movie

Lee vows to stop treating the flat as if he owns it, but hires it out to a film director.


4. Not Going Out: Series 4, Dancing

Lucy and Tim's father moves out of the family home - and into Lee's bedroom.


5. Not Going Out: Series 4, Fireworks

An old lady wanders into Lucy's flat and makes herself at home on the sofa.

Life On Mars Bars

6. Not Going Out: Series 4, Life On Mars Bars

Lee dreams of a perfect life with Lucy, but can the reality ever match up?