Series 3

Series 3

Reverend Adam Smallbone and his wife Alex adjust to life as new parents in the inner city parish of St Saviour's, Hackney.

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Rev.: Series 3, Episode 1

Alex gives birth in dramatic circumstances and Adam teams up with a local imam.

Episode 2

2. Rev.: Series 3, Episode 2

Adam's put on the spot when he's asked to perform a gay wedding.

Episode 3

3. Rev.: Series 3, Episode 3

Adam is intrigued when a local artist offers to make a £60k donation to St Saviour's.

Episode 4

4. Rev.: Series 3, Episode 4

When Adam's transgressions come back to haunt him, he ends up sofa surfing at a hostel.

Episode 5

5. Rev.: Series 3, Episode 5

Adam is investigated for conduct unbecoming - can he clear his name?

Episode 6

6. Rev.: Series 3, Episode 6

St Saviour's is closed, and Adam is determined to become a management consultant.