Series 1

Series 1

Comedy series about a brother and sister who share a flat.

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Wheelchair Conference

1. Siblings: Series 1, Wheelchair Conference

After her boss is replaced, Hannah draws Dan into a web of lies that can only end badly.

Vet Drugs

2. Siblings: Series 1, Vet Drugs

Hannah's best friend from university returns with a new fiancé, whom Hannah quickly hates.

Intern School

3. Siblings: Series 1, Intern School

Back at their old school, Hannah inspires one of the students and Dan makes new friends.

Laser Eye Date

4. Siblings: Series 1, Laser Eye Date

Hannah has to look after her mother and Dan falls for a female doctor at the STI clinic.

Burrito Neighbours

5. Siblings: Series 1, Burrito Neighbours

Dan and Hannah's neighbour asks them to look after the exotic fish in his flat.

Balcombe's Funeral

6. Siblings: Series 1, Balcombe's Funeral

Hannah and Dan go to the funeral of their old drama teacher Mr Balcombe.