Series 2

Series 2

Comedy series about a brother and sister who share a flat.

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Kevin Rugby

1. Siblings: Series 2, Kevin Rugby

Hannah starts women's rugby, while Dan befriends a man who has separated from his wife.

Golden Aunt

2. Siblings: Series 2, Golden Aunt

Dan rebels thanks to his Aunt Leslie, and Hannah is having a golden week of lucky breaks.

Old Man Model

3. Siblings: Series 2, Old Man Model

Hannah starts dating a model and Dan helps a terminally ill man have one last adventure.

Gregg and Lily

4. Siblings: Series 2, Gregg and Lily

Hannah and Dan's irascible father Gregg has organised a birthday party for himself.

Baby Sack

5. Siblings: Series 2, Baby Sack

Dan starts hanging out with his old crush. Hannah looks after a bossy American consultant.

Jack's Wedding

6. Siblings: Series 2, Jack's Wedding

Dan and Hannah are guests at Dan's best friend Jack's wedding at their country mansion.