Series 1

Series 1

The incredible misadventures of two handymen on the road and the extraordinary people they meet along the way.

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Ollie's First Day

1. White Van Man: Series 1, Ollie's First Day

Ollie's driven up the wall by his assistant and makes a fool of himself with an old crush.


2. White Van Man: Series 1, Turf

Ollie's flyering campaign to modernise the business ruffles some shady feathers.

The Stand

3. White Van Man: Series 1, The Stand

After a dispute with a customer, Ollie gets the attention of the local community.

The Morning After

4. White Van Man: Series 1, The Morning After

Darren wakes up hungover and next to a naked woman, with no clue as to how he got there.


5. White Van Man: Series 1, Honest

Ollie wants the business run by the book when he finds Tony rustling up some dodgy work.

Beginnings and Ends

6. White Van Man: Series 1, Beginnings and Ends

Ollie and Darren are building a wardrobe for Albert in a small room when tempers flare.