Series 2

Series 2

Series of dramas linked by a central theme: how to 'move on' and pass turning points in life

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Sauce for the Goose

1. Moving On: Series 2, Sauce for the Goose

Divorcee Anne must decide whether to put the needs of her mother before her own desires.

Skies of Glass

2. Moving On: Series 2, Skies of Glass

A baby is unexpectedly left in a couple's car after their attempt to adopt founders.

Skin Deep

3. Moving On: Series 2, Skin Deep

At Jean's school reunion no one recognised her; has she aged so much she's unrecognisable?


4. Moving On: Series 2, Malaise

When her husband gets out of prison Tina does everything she can to keep him away.

Letting Go

5. Moving On: Series 2, Letting Go

Kirsty O'Connell finds drugs in her house. Who is the the addict in the family?


6. Moving On: Series 2, Trust

When teenager Jack breaks into a pensioner's house, he finds more than he bargained for.

The Test

7. Moving On: Series 2, The Test

Cyn gets annoyed with long-time friend Theresa over her choice in men.

Losing My Religion

8. Moving On: Series 2, Losing My Religion

Joanne is shocked to learn her son is being bullied because the children think he is gay.

Rules of the Game

9. Moving On: Series 2, Rules of the Game

A&E nurse Ruth sees something in wild Dave Farrow, but can he put aside his demons?

I Am Darleen Fyles

10. Moving On: Series 2, I Am Darleen Fyles

A young woman with learning difficulties befriends a resident at an elderly care home.