Series 1

Series 1

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1. Garden Rescue: Episode 1

A garden in York full of building materials is given a £5,000 facelift.


2. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Walsall

A concrete jungle of a garden in Walsall is turned into a stylish area of relaxation.


3. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Bedford

The team tackle an unloved and overgrown garden in Bedford.


4. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Worcester

The team create a garden to relax and reflect in to help a couple who have lost their son.


5. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Farnham

The team are in Farnham to help a couple turn their bare garden into a flower-filled haven


6. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Marlborough

The team are in Marlborough to transform a featureless garden into a wildlife haven.


7. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Stoke

The team are in Stoke-on-Trent to transform a characterless plot into an 'outdoor room'.


8. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Pontefract

The team are in Pontefract to transform a 50-foot long plot into a wildlife haven.


9. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Devizes

The team are in Devizes, Wiltshire, to transform a garden with a budget of £1,500.


10. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Northwood

The team are in Northwood, Middlesex, to transform a large lawn into a modern garden.


11. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Hereford

A garden in Hereford needs to satisfy different generations living under the same roof.


12. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Bolton

A garden in Bolton needs lots to entertain a pair of energetic boys and a Sicilian feel.


13. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Faversham

A cherished garden in Faversham needs restoration after being washed away in a landslide.


14. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Romsey

A garden in Hampshire becomes a stylish, sophisticated haven for a retired couple.


15. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Stevenage

A manhole-strewn garden in Stevenage is made safe and usable for newborn twins.


16. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Stamford

A suburban garden is transformed into a rural idyll for parents of five to escape to.


17. Garden Rescue: Bexley

A cabin and outdoor space for two brothers to grow into helps transform a disused garden.


18. Garden Rescue: Fleet

A low-maintenance, contemporary garden is created for a retired couple.


19. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Cambridgeshire

An ugly backdrop provides a challenge when creating a stylish party garden.


20. Garden Rescue: Series 1, Blackburn

A young couple longing for a Japanese garden get a zen space with a teahouse and a pond.