Series 1

Series 1

Stop-motion animation about a family of inventive and inquisitive mouse-shaped creatures who live on a small blue planet out in the starry stretches of space, not far from our world.

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The Lost Notes

1. Clangers: Series 1, The Lost Notes

The Music Tree notes for Tiny Clanger's new melody are blown away by a big wind.

The Little Thing

2. Clangers: Series 1, The Little Thing

A Sky Moo gives Small Clanger a strangely shaped little thing that it has found in space.

In the Soup

3. Clangers: Series 1, In the Soup

Major Clanger decides that the Soup Dragon must be fed-up with dishing up soup.

The Knitting Machine

4. Clangers: Series 1, The Knitting Machine

Major Clanger invents a knitting machine to save Granny ever having to knit again.

The Flying Froglets

5. Clangers: Series 1, The Flying Froglets

It's Granny's birthday and all the Clangers are planning their presents for her.

I Am the Eggbot

6. Clangers: Series 1, I Am the Eggbot

A strange little egg-shaped creature lands on the planet and gets stuck in a cave.

The Giant Plant

7. Clangers: Series 1, The Giant Plant

The planet is overrun by vegetation when Tiny and Small sing a growing song to a plant.

Tiny's Lullaby

8. Clangers: Series 1, Tiny's Lullaby

Tiny's radio hat develops a fault, so she cannot hear the Iron Chicken's lullaby.

The Crystal Trees

9. Clangers: Series 1, The Crystal Trees

Crystal-shaped seeds that sparkle and glow land on the Clangers' planet.

The Curious Tunnel

10. Clangers: Series 1, The Curious Tunnel

Tiny and Small discover a strange tunnel that appears to suck things upwards.

Space Tangle

11. Clangers: Series 1, Space Tangle

Small has invited the Iron Chicken to a picnic. But the Iron Chicken is late.

Lonely as a Cloud

12. Clangers: Series 1, Lonely as a Cloud

Tiny, Small, the Froglets and Baby Dragon are having fun playing games with the Cloud.

In a Spin

13. Clangers: Series 1, In a Spin

While playing a game, Tiny and Small accidentally knock over a tankard.

Tiny's Orchestra

14. Clangers: Series 1, Tiny's Orchestra

Tiny is stuck for ideas for a new tune to make up.

The Metal Bug

15. Clangers: Series 1, The Metal Bug

Small Clanger finds a strange ball while out fishing in space.

Mother's Melody

16. Clangers: Series 1, Mother's Melody

Tiny Clanger suggests that Mother Clanger composes a tune.

Crash Bang Chicken

17. Clangers: Series 1, Crash Bang Chicken

A Skymoo accidentally knocks the Iron Chicken out of her nest.

Major's Meteor

18. Clangers: Series 1, Major's Meteor

Small misses seeing two meteors streaking across the sky.

The Singing Asteroid

19. Clangers: Series 1, The Singing Asteroid

Tiny and her flower friends hear a strange voice joining in with their music.

Small's New Star

20. Clangers: Series 1, Small's New Star

The Iron Chicken dumps a huge bundle of unwanted junk metal on to the Clangers' planet.

Baby Soup Clanger

21. Clangers: Series 1, Baby Soup Clanger

Baby Soup Dragon decides he wants to be a Clanger.


22. Clangers: Series 1, Holes

Tiny and Small find two circles of cloth that are actually holes, one leading to another.

Bubble Trouble

23. Clangers: Series 1, Bubble Trouble

Small and Tiny can't resist trying out Major Clanger's cleaning machine.

Dragon Day

24. Clangers: Series 1, Dragon Day

Small decides that there should be a Dragon Day to thank the Soup Dragon for her soup.

Home Sweet Hoot

25. Clangers: Series 1, Home Sweet Hoot

A little Hoot lands on the planet and causes mayhem with his incessant mischievous hooting

Find the Eclipse

26. Clangers: Series 1, Find the Eclipse

The Clangers gather to watch a solar eclipse but Iron Chicken's nest blocks the view.

The Little Chill

27. Clangers: Series 1, The Little Chill

It's a very cold day on the Clangers' planet, and the Sky Moos are frozen outside.

The Brilliant Surprise

28. Clangers: Series 1, The Brilliant Surprise

After the Iron Chicken gives her a message, Tiny Clanger gets a brilliant surprise!

The Ball

29. Clangers: Series 1, The Ball

Tiny and Small find a strange silver ball. When it bounces it glows and rings.


30. Clangers: Series 1, Planty

The Clangers help Granny make her knitting space more special.

The Game

31. Clangers: Series 1, The Game

A meteor shower of gemstones falls on the planet.

Granny and Small

32. Clangers: Series 1, Granny and Small

Small is bored. Mother suggests he asks Granny to play with him.

Tiny's Good Idea

33. Clangers: Series 1, Tiny's Good Idea

Mother's flowers are wilting. Tiny comes up with a brilliant idea to help her water them.

Star Roses

34. Clangers: Series 1, Star Roses

A special star passes over the planet and as it does, the star roses bloom.


35. Clangers: Series 1, Chairs

Granny's comfy puffball chair gets punctured by a knitting needle.

Sweet Music

36. Clangers: Series 1, Sweet Music

A radio falls out of the sky, and Tiny, Small and Baby Soup Dragon are fascinated by it.

The Box

37. Clangers: Series 1, The Box

Small finds some 'space treasure' but doesn't know what it is for.


38. Clangers: Series 1, Snapper

A robot lands on the planet, and the Clangers are scared of it.

The Chicken Waltz

39. Clangers: Series 1, The Chicken Waltz

Tiny and Small come up with a tune for the Iron Chicken to dance to.

The Puzzle

40. Clangers: Series 1, The Puzzle

Major, Mother, Tiny and Small become lost while exploring a new planet.

The Little Bag

41. Clangers: Series 1, The Little Bag

Small gives Tiny a lovely sparkly bag that he caught while fishing in space.


42. Clangers: Series 1, Hide-and-Seek

Baby Soup Dragon cheats in a race around the planet, but a Froglet spots him.

Rainbow Star

43. Clangers: Series 1, Rainbow Star

Small catches seven coloured stones floating in space.

Busy Buzzers

44. Clangers: Series 1, Busy Buzzers

Small and Major Clanger discover a bowl of glow honey in a crater.

Calm in the Caves

45. Clangers: Series 1, Calm in the Caves

Tiny and Small discover the froglets sitting abnormally silent and calm in their cave.

The Golden Planet

46. Clangers: Series 1, The Golden Planet

Major invents a new two-seater rocket for special trips.

All Change Day

47. Clangers: Series 1, All Change Day

Major Clanger is making too much noise, so Mother suggests they swap jobs.

The Wols

48. Clangers: Series 1, The Wols

The Iron Chicken looks after three little Wols who turn out to be quite a handful.

The Discovery

49. Clangers: Series 1, The Discovery

Major Clanger discovers some wonderful wall pictures in an underground cave.


50. Clangers: Series 1, Blob

The Froglets produce a noisy, bouncy, purple blob from the Top Hat.

Building Bridges

51. Clangers: Series 1, Building Bridges

The new table Major has made collapses, spilling soup everywhere.


52. Clangers: Series 1, Things

Three pale things drift towards the planet seeking music, heat and light to revive them.