Series 2

Series 2

Stop-motion animation about a family of inventive and inquisitive mouse-shaped creatures who live on a small blue planet out in the starry stretches of space, not far from our world.

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Episodes List

Round and Round

1. Clangers: Series 2, Round and Round

Mother Clanger closes her garden to visitors to get a bit of peace.

The Sound Snatcher

2. Clangers: Series 2, The Sound Snatcher

A strange flying creature visits the planet and starts eating up all the music.

Woolly Welcome

3. Clangers: Series 2, Woolly Welcome

The Hoot Planet visits the Clangers, and wool starts raining down from the sky.

Snow Business

4. Clangers: Series 2, Snow Business

The cloud goes on holiday in space, but returns freezing cold and snowing, not raining.

Mother of Invention

5. Clangers: Series 2, Mother of Invention

Major Clanger makes a new garden trolley for Mother.


6. Clangers: Series 2, Puffball

Small makes his own space hopper, but unexpectedly it hops him into orbit!

The Disappearing Nest

7. Clangers: Series 2, The Disappearing Nest

The Iron Chicken invites the Wols to supper, only to find that her nest has disappeared!

Star Flower

8. Clangers: Series 2, Star Flower

Small Clanger is fishing in the music boat and catches a beautiful silver seed.

The Block

9. Clangers: Series 2, The Block

A strange robot block lands on the Clangers' planet, doing scientific investigations.

The Strange-Smelling Flower

10. Clangers: Series 2, The Strange-Smelling Flower

Mother Clanger has grown a beautiful new flower, but it smells horrible.

Major's Low-Gravity Backpack

11. Clangers: Series 2, Major's Low-Gravity Backpack

The Clangers need to clean the dustweeds from the ceiling of their cave.

The Mysterious Noise Machine

12. Clangers: Series 2, The Mysterious Noise Machine

A strange object falls into the Iron Chicken's nest.

The Tin Bird

13. Clangers: Series 2, The Tin Bird

A tin bird lands on the Clangers' planet. Tiny and Small think it wants to build a nest.