Series 1

Series 1

Humanoid robot Eve comes to live at Will's house and he struggles to keep her identity secret.

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All about Eve

1. Eve: Series 1, All about Eve

Humanoid robot Eve comes to live at Will's house and he tries to keep her identity secret.

A Real Girl

2. Eve: Series 1, A Real Girl

When Nick warns Eve that to survive she must fit in, Eve goes all out to join a girl gang.

Beautiful Game

3. Eve: Series 1, Beautiful Game

Will begs Eve to play for his football team, while Lily tracks a mysterious wifi signal.

The Bubble Bursts

4. Eve: Series 1, The Bubble Bursts

Eve goes into overdrive saving the planet. Is she being remotely controlled?

Brain Freeze

5. Eve: Series 1, Brain Freeze

Eve is warned that ice cream and electronics don't mix, but she is desperate to taste it.

Things That Go Beep in the Night

6. Eve: Series 1, Things That Go Beep in the Night

Will wants to take Eve to a Halloween party, but Nick forbids it.

The X & Y Factor

7. Eve: Series 1, The X & Y Factor

Katherine suspects that Nick knows more about Project Eternity than he is letting on.

The Truth About Lies

8. Eve: Series 1, The Truth About Lies

Eve learns about lying from master of deception Abe and becomes an expert - unfortunately.


9. Eve: Series 1, Trashed

Eve plays tricks on her own memory and forgets information that is key to her survival.

Mum's the Word

10. Eve: Series 1, Mum's the Word

Eve learns all about dreams coming true when someone important comes back into her life.

IT Girl

11. Eve: Series 1, IT Girl

Eve goes to school to help Lily but ends up getting them both into trouble.

The Robot Next Door

12. Eve: Series 1, The Robot Next Door

Eve must stop Mr Bevan revealing her identity, and Katherine traps Nick into a confession.


13. Eve: Series 1, Eternity

Eve faces her most dangerous moments yet. But has Eve become too human to save herself?