Jungle Book

Jungle Book

Animated series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic about the adventures of Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves in the Indian jungle

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Wild Black Bees

2. Jungle Book: Wild Black Bees

Mowgli cunningly leads Shere Khan to a swarm of bees living at the top of some cliffs.

Itchy Twitchy Kaa!

3. Jungle Book: Itchy Twitchy Kaa!

Mowgli visits Kaa with a question - how many monkeys can a python swallow in one gulp?

The Race

4. Jungle Book: The Race

Mowgli challenges Phaona to a race, with the winner deciding the loser's fate.

Monkey Queen

5. Jungle Book: Monkey Queen

Masha the Bandar Log monkey steals Baloo's glasses.

Sleeping Python

6. Jungle Book: Sleeping Python

During one of Mowgli and Bala's play fights, Mowgli accuses his brother of cheating.

Treasure of Cold Lair

7. Jungle Book: Treasure of Cold Lair

Thuu, the white cobra who normally guards the Treasure of Cold Lair, has gone missing.

Legend of Giant Claw

8. Jungle Book: Legend of Giant Claw

Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera hear a mighty roar in the jungle.

Fished Out

9. Jungle Book: Fished Out

Mowgli and Baloo hold a contest to see who knows how to fish the best.

Kite Flight

10. Jungle Book: Kite Flight

Bala is in a panic because Cheel the kite has flown off with Lali.

Mowgli's Log

11. Jungle Book: Mowgli's Log

Mowgli is snapped up and taken off by Jakala the crocodile.

Who Is the Bravest?

12. Jungle Book: Who Is the Bravest?

Mowgli wonders who is the bravest animal in the jungle and goes to ask Hathi.

The Waterfall

13. Jungle Book: The Waterfall

Mowgli is thrown into a raging river and finds himself at the peril of a waterfall.

Darzi's Waterfall Rescue

14. Jungle Book: Darzi's Waterfall Rescue

Lali and Mowgli are out playing, unaware that they're being tracked by Shere Khan.

Mowgli's Sparklie

15. Jungle Book: Mowgli's Sparklie

Mowgli and Lali find a shiny necklace that has been washed downstream from the village.

Blood Brothers

16. Jungle Book: Blood Brothers

Shere Khan forces Tabaqui to make friends with the wolf cubs and lure them to his lair.

Survival of the Fittest

17. Jungle Book: Survival of the Fittest

Baloo thinks he is fit and he challenges those that doubt him to a series of contests.

The Day the Earth Shook

18. Jungle Book: The Day the Earth Shook

All the jungle animals are quiet, and it soon becomes clear why.

The Jungle Tour

19. Jungle Book: The Jungle Tour

Mowgli meets a red Himalayan panda called Ponya and takes her on a tour of the jungle.


27. Jungle Book: Thirst!

Animated series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic about the adventures of Mowgli.

Save the Tiger

28. Jungle Book: Save the Tiger

Animated series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic about the adventures of Mowgli.

Super Springbok

29. Jungle Book: Super Springbok

Animated series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic about the adventures of Mowgli.

The Red Crocodile

30. Jungle Book: The Red Crocodile

Animated series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic about the adventures of Mowgli.

Lucky Star

31. Jungle Book: Lucky Star

Animated series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic about the adventures of Mowgli.

Mongoose on the Loose

32. Jungle Book: Mongoose on the Loose

Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo find Rikki Tikki Tavi fighting a large cobra.

River Leaf

33. Jungle Book: River Leaf

Jealousy rears its head when Mowgli finds a mirror that has been dropped by a human.

Monkey Business

35. Jungle Book: Monkey Business

Mowgli encounters a young monkey, Mani, who is lost.

Two for the Price of One

36. Jungle Book: Two for the Price of One

Phaona sees Mowgli near the man village and complains that he is bringing danger.

Cheel and the Mountain Fire

37. Jungle Book: Cheel and the Mountain Fire

Lightning causes a fire in the mountains and a terrified Ponya runs for her life.

The Buffalo

38. Jungle Book: The Buffalo

Mowgli and Bagheera come across a female buffalo that has a very sick son.

The Elephant's Secret

39. Jungle Book: The Elephant's Secret

Hathi must escort the young female elephants to the secret Elephant's Valley.

Mowgli's Number One Fan

40. Jungle Book: Mowgli's Number One Fan

Mowgli meets a young monkey who is his number one fan.

The Wrong Panther

41. Jungle Book: The Wrong Panther

Baloo and Bagheera sense that Kala, a rogue black panther, is back in the jungle.

Mowgli the Artist

42. Jungle Book: Mowgli the Artist

Mowgli learns to paint. Darzee is so impressed she says he'll soon be King of the Jungle.

Day of the Shadow

43. Jungle Book: Day of the Shadow

A strange panther-like creature is attacking animals in the human village.

Small is Beautiful

44. Jungle Book: Small is Beautiful

Darzee wants to be brave and strong like the other big birds.

The Tooth of the Matter

45. Jungle Book: The Tooth of the Matter

There seems to be a strange and frightening monster at large in the jungle.

A Real Wolf

46. Jungle Book: A Real Wolf

Akela decrees that Mowgli will have to take the Mist Valley test.


47. Jungle Book: Trapped!

Shere Khan comes up with a plot to catch Mowgli.

Bagheera in the Man Village

48. Jungle Book: Bagheera in the Man Village

Mowgli is distressed when trees in the jungle are found covered in a lime green mould.

Missing Monkey

49. Jungle Book: Missing Monkey

A baby monkey is missing and the Bandar Log think that Kaa has eaten it.

Best In Class

50. Jungle Book: Best In Class

Mowgli is jealous of Baloo's attention to Ponya.

Monster of Cold Lair

51. Jungle Book: Monster of Cold Lair

Tabaqui steals food from Bagheera's meat store and hides it in the Cold Lair.

Baloo the King

52. Jungle Book: Baloo the King

Baloo gets hit on the head and becomes convinced that he's the King of the Jungle.