Series 2

Series 2

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CBeebies Pirate Party

1. Swashbuckle: Series 2, CBeebies Pirate Party

Gem is joined by some CBeebies friends for a special Pirate Party.

Strict Pirate's Got Talent

2. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Strict Pirate's Got Talent

Captain Sinker attempts ventriloquism for the Pirate Talent Competition.

The Scarlet Squid Clear Out

3. Swashbuckle: Series 2, The Scarlet Squid Clear Out

Captain Sinker demands Cook and Line have a clear out of the Scarlet Squid shipwreck.

Tooth Fairy

4. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Tooth Fairy

Captain Sinker schemes to steal all the gold coins from the Tooth Fairy.

Monster from the Deep

5. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Monster from the Deep

Cook and Line are scaring Captain Sinker by reading about a mysterious sea monster.

Captain Bellywobble

6. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Captain Bellywobble

Sinker is terrified at the memory of working under her first boss Captain Bellywobble.

Choccy Lock

7. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Choccy Lock

Cook and Line cannot resist the temptation of Sinker's booby-trapped chocolate coins.

Pirates Rock

8. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Pirates Rock

Cook and Line have formed a rock band, much to the annoyance of Captain Sinker.

Sinker's Birthday Surprise

9. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Sinker's Birthday Surprise

It's Captain Sinker's birthday and Cook and Line are throwing her a surprise party!

Doctors and Nurses

10. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Doctors and Nurses

Captain Sinker learns that on pirate ships, the crew's cook was often the doctor too.

Pirate Pampering

11. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Pirate Pampering

Cook and Line decide to give Captain Sinker some pampering in their Calming Cabin.

The Ship Shop

12. Swashbuckle: Series 2, The Ship Shop

Captain Sinker's clothes are smelly, so Cook and Line create a shop for her to buy more.

Pirate Perfume Pong

13. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Pirate Perfume Pong

Cook and Line are big fans of Captain Sinker's new perfume and use it all up.

Plankety Plank

14. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Plankety Plank

Captain Sinker and her crew decide to make a plank for Gem to walk.

Mr Feathers

15. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Mr Feathers

Captain Sinker is jealous of Gem for having a parrot so she introduces her own budgie.

Pirate Pudsey Radio

16. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Pirate Pudsey Radio

Cook, Line and Captain Sinker are setting up a pirate radio station, Shipwreck FM.

Idiotic Inventions

17. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Idiotic Inventions

Cook and Line are tired of the jobs Sinker asks them to do, so they invent some gadgets.

The Space Ship

18. Swashbuckle: Series 2, The Space Ship

Captain Sinker tells Cook and Line to build a spaceship.

Sea Shell Silliness

19. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Sea Shell Silliness

Cook and Line find a shell on the beach that makes lots of different funny sounds!

Raspberry Fools

20. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Raspberry Fools

Captain Sinker challenges Cook and Line to a cooking competition.

Sinker's Twin

21. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Sinker's Twin

Captain Sinker's identical twin sister is coming to stay, so Cook and Line must prepare.

Weather or Not

22. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Weather or Not

Cook and Line have found a legendary weather wheel washed up on the beach.

Ship Shape Shipmates

23. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Ship Shape Shipmates

Captain Sinker threatens to fire Cook and Line, so they pretend to be new pirates.

Catch of the Day

24. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Catch of the Day

Captain Sinker decides she wants a seafood supper, so Cook has to teach Line how to fish!

Three Wishes

25. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Three Wishes

Cook and Line think they've discovered a genie that can grant them wishes.

Horrible Hiccups

26. Swashbuckle: Series 2, Horrible Hiccups

Captain Sinker is suffering with hiccups, so Cook and Line try to find a cure.