Comedy Feeds from 2013.

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1. Comedy Feeds: 2013, Bamboo

Sitcom about a dozy double-act who dream of running a VIP super-club.

Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment

2. Comedy Feeds: 2013, Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment

Studio-based comedy show from Nick Helm, star of BBC Three's Live at the Electric.


3. Comedy Feeds: 2013, Kerry

Kerry Howard transforms into a host of different personas all for the sake of a chuckle.


4. Comedy Feeds: 2013, C-Bomb

Yorkshire's top dubstep DJ plans a comeback gig to raise money for the girl he loves.

The Cariad Show

5. Comedy Feeds: 2013, The Cariad Show

Character sketch comedy from Cariad Lloyd.

Going Native

6. Comedy Feeds: 2013, Going Native

Mockumentary following three foreign women attempting to start new lives in the UK.


7. Comedy Feeds: 2013, Fuzzbox

A cast of delinquent puppets speak with the voices of real teenagers.

The Committee Meeting

8. Comedy Feeds: 2013, The Committee Meeting

Will Colin Baker be lured away to the Conseravtive Club by their middle-class snacks?