Series 8

Series 8

Follow the jokes, jibes and general misunderstandings of married couple Lee and Lucy, their friends and their family - including their children Charlie, Benji and Molly.

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Episodes List


1. Not Going Out: Series 8, Romance

After seven years of marriage, Lee and Lucy disagree over how to keep the romance alive.


2. Not Going Out: Series 8, Babysitting

Lucy causes offence by choosing the wrong babysitter.


3. Not Going Out: Series 8, Car

Lee's hopes for a stress-free ferry trip to France with Lucy and the children are dashed.

Hot Tub

4. Not Going Out: Series 8, Hot Tub

Lee and Lucy play hot tub fantasy date with Anna and Toby, landing them in hot water.


5. Not Going Out: Series 8, Charlie

Lee is worried that Charlie is getting a reputation at school for being the class clown.

Marriage Guidance

6. Not Going Out: Series 8, Marriage Guidance

How will Lee and Lucy's marriage fare after marriage counselling?


7. Not Going Out: Series 8, Enough

Are Lee and Lucy ready for another child?