Series 3

Series 3

Comedy centred around a couple and their insufferable neighbours.

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Christmas Special

Two Doors Down: Series 3, Christmas Special

Beth and Eric's quiet Christmas plans are dashed when all the neighbours descend on them.

Burns Supper

1. Two Doors Down: Series 3, Burns Supper

On Burns Night, there is plenty of haggis for everyone, but a little too much for Gordon.

Eric's Colon

2. Two Doors Down: Series 3, Eric's Colon

Eric tries to convalesce in peace but finds himself surrounded by curious visitors.

Break In

3. Two Doors Down: Series 3, Break In

Cathy and Colin's burglary leaves Beth awash with guests and laundry.

Fish Friday

4. Two Doors Down: Series 3, Fish Friday

Beth's birthday lunch is hi-jacked by a drunken Colin and another uninvited guest.

Party Pieces

5. Two Doors Down: Series 3, Party Pieces

Back from a quiz night at the pub, everyone is encouraged to reveal their hidden talents.

Alan and Michelle

6. Two Doors Down: Series 3, Alan and Michelle

When the new neighbours drop by to say hello Cathy's competitive instincts really kick in.