Series 2

Series 2

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1. Abadas: Series 2, Luachair/Rush

Hari goes off to the boggy marshes where he searches for the special word - rush.

Cè-grèine/Sun Cream

2. Abadas: Series 2, Cè-grèine/Sun Cream

The Abadas' favourite game leads them to the beach and in search of some sun cream.


3. Abadas: Series 2, Drathair/Drawer

Hari's toy duck Quack goes missing in the garden and Ela is determined to find it.


4. Abadas: Series 2, Dreallag/Swing

Today's word guarantees plenty of fun, but which Abada should go in search of it?


5. Abadas: Series 2, Taigh-glainne/Greenhouse

The Abadas have been busy building themselves a snugly den.


6. Abadas: Series 2, Sgèile/Scales

Seren shows the other Abadas how good she is at counting.