Series 1

Series 1

Children's animation

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1. Abadas: Series 1, Acair/Anchor

The Abadas are pirates, and one goes in search of an anchor and explores the sea.


2. Abadas: Series 1, Piano

The Abadas are delighted when they hear that the day's word is a musical one.

Bior-deighe (Icicle)

3. Abadas: Series 1, Bior-deighe (Icicle)

It's time for a new Abada word and a brand new adventure. The word is 'icicle'.

Sgoth (Cloud)

4. Abadas: Series 1, Sgoth (Cloud)

The friends ponder the new word 'cloud' and one of them reaches for the sky!


5. Abadas: Series 1, Taigh-Solais/Lighthouse

The day's word is able to seek out things that can't be seen. What could it be?


6. Abadas: Series 1, Bratach/Flag

The Abadas are enjoying a game of ball at the beach when the wind blows the ball away!


7. Abadas: Series 1, Igloo

The Abadas are at the seaside but will they find the day's word, igloo, there?


8. Abadas: Series 1, Boomerang

What's a 'boomerang' and where would be the best place to throw one?

Magnifying glass

9. Abadas: Series 1, Magnifying glass

Ela is very tired today, but is she too tired to play the word game?

Brògan Roilear

10. Abadas: Series 1, Brògan Roilear

Who will get to go on today's adventure: Hari the Hippo, Ela the Fox or Seren the Bat?

Bara-cuibhle (Wheelbarrow)

11. Abadas: Series 1, Bara-cuibhle (Wheelbarrow)

Ben sends the Abadas on a search for a wheelbarrow, but who will go on the adventure?


12. Abadas: Series 1, Computer

Can Seren find a computer amongst all the electronic devices in the house?

Trèana smùid (Steam Train)

13. Abadas: Series 1, Trèana smùid (Steam Train)

Ben sends the Abadas looking for a steam train and Seren decides that she'll find it.


14. Abadas: Series 1, Owl/Cailleach-oidhche

Ben reads a bedtime story and Hari ends up looking for an owl in a windy garden!

Stòl (Stool)

15. Abadas: Series 1, Stòl (Stool)

After building a snow castle in the snowy mountains, Hari is sent to look for a stool.


16. Abadas: Series 1, Sgàilean/Umbrella

Today's word has something to do with keeping dry too. What could it be?


17. Abadas: Series 1, Put/Buoy

This word is 'buoy'. Who will be chosen to find it; Hari, Ela or Seren?


18. Abadas: Series 1, Oraindsear/Orange

Today's word is something round and sweet-smelling. What could it be?

Turtur-mara/Sea Turtle

19. Abadas: Series 1, Turtur-mara/Sea Turtle

Tha na h-Abadas a' dol a lorg turtur-mara. The Abadas are searching for a sea-turtle.

Bòrd-sneachda (Snowboard)

20. Abadas: Series 1, Bòrd-sneachda (Snowboard)

Hari sets off on another adventure as he searches the mountains for a 'snowboard'.


21. Abadas: Series 1, Preasant/Gift

The Abadas are enjoying a picnic with their special toys, but Ela doesn't have one.


22. Abadas: Series 1, Muileann-Gaoithe/Windmill

Where will Ela go today to find a windmill?


23. Abadas: Series 1, Sgi/Skis

The Abadas are playing outside in the mud when Ben invites them to play another word game.


24. Abadas: Series 1, Cleas-Teine/Firework

The word is 'firework', and there's only one Abada up to the challenge - it's Super Seren!


25. Abadas: Series 1, Trombaid/Trumpet

There is some huffing, puffing and blowing to be done as today's word is 'trumpet'.


26. Abadas: Series 1, Map

Hari goes in search of a map, but will he know what a map looks like and what it does?