Dead Gorgeous

Dead Gorgeous

The comical adventures of three beautiful, strong-willed teenaged sisters - who just happen to be ghosts!

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Episodes List

150 Years Later

1. Dead Gorgeous: 150 Years Later

The Ainsworth sisters arrive at their old house, now a private boarding school.

Dying to Belong

2. Dead Gorgeous: Dying to Belong

Keen to fit in, Rebecca identifies Christine and her friends as the route to popularity.

Sisters in Mind

3. Dead Gorgeous: Sisters in Mind

Rebecca and Sophie have an argument when one accuses the other of sisterly betrayal.


4. Dead Gorgeous: Gold

A face from the past during a history lesson leads Hazel on a private mission.

Hazel's Tree

7. Dead Gorgeous: Hazel's Tree

Hazel discovers that a tree she planted with her mum as a young girl is to be torn down.

Reliving History

8. Dead Gorgeous: Reliving History

It's Reliving History Day and the sisters are excited to be celebrating Victorian times.

A Friend in Deed

9. Dead Gorgeous: A Friend in Deed

Sophie discovers a talent for sports. Will she use her ghostly powers to win?

Grendel's Cold

10. Dead Gorgeous: Grendel's Cold

What should have been a quiet time for the girls turns into 24 hours of chaos.

Smoke and Mirrors

11. Dead Gorgeous: Smoke and Mirrors

Mr Griffith tells Rebecca her failing grades have put her place at Ainsbury in jeopardy.

Love's First Kiss

12. Dead Gorgeous: Love's First Kiss

A painting featuring one of Rebecca's former suitors is unveiled.

Old Ghosts

13. Dead Gorgeous: Old Ghosts

Sophie learns that a sports facility is going to be built on the site of the old stables.