Series 2

Series 2

Humanoid robot Eve comes to live at Will's house and he struggles to keep her identity secret.

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Do Not Build Them

1. Eve: Series 2, Do Not Build Them

Calimov attracts the attention of an anti-artificial intelligence group called PRICE.

Truth or Dare

2. Eve: Series 2, Truth or Dare

Zac returns from Cuba determined to win Eve back.

The Mark of Cain

3. Eve: Series 2, The Mark of Cain

Eve offers to babysit Lily's tearaway cousin Zoe.

Party Girl

4. Eve: Series 2, Party Girl

Eve becomes obsessed with the idea of canoeing on a lake.

Power Games

5. Eve: Series 2, Power Games

Abe gets Eve to help him selling mobile phones in the park.

The Eve of Destruction

6. Eve: Series 2, The Eve of Destruction

Eve apparently causes a series of strange electrical surges.

A Case of Identity

7. Eve: Series 2, A Case of Identity

Nick and Katherine attempt to discover the robot's identity by tricking Mary.

All About Adam

8. Eve: Series 2, All About Adam

The gang is faced with Zac, his identical clone, and no way of working out who is who.

Giving Up the Ghost

9. Eve: Series 2, Giving Up the Ghost

To cheer Eve up, Abe suggests a ghost hunt.

Fair Cop

10. Eve: Series 2, Fair Cop

Lily is arrested for hacking Lord Hoffman's computer.

Her Sister's Keeper

11. Eve: Series 2, Her Sister's Keeper

With Will's help, Katherine's new robot KT comes alive.

A Change in the World

12. Eve: Series 2, A Change in the World

Will agrees to be Mary's prisoner to save KT and find out about the blue flash.