Series 2

Series 2

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Pearly Queen

1. My Story: Series 2, Pearly Queen

Nanny Carole shares memories of her life as a pearly queen with her granddaughter Ella.


2. My Story: Series 2, Architect

Mum Mary shares her memories of being an architect with her two sons, Callum and Gabriel.


3. My Story: Series 2, Actor

Daddy Raj shares his memories of his life as a Bollywood actor with his daughter Suhaana.


4. My Story: Series 2, Brownies

Mummy Kirstin shares her memories of being a Brownie with her twin sons Arran and Gregor.


5. My Story: Series 2, Safari

Daddy Gerard shares his memories of growing up in Kenya with his son Sammy.


6. My Story: Series 2, Concorde

Tappi Tony shares his memories of aeroplanes with his step-grandchildren Amy and Tommy.

TV Presenter

7. My Story: Series 2, TV Presenter

Grandma Janet shares her memories of her life as a TV presenter with her grandson Kit.


8. My Story: Series 2, Ballroom

Mummy Rachel shares her memories of life as a ballroom dancer with her daughter Darcey.


9. My Story: Series 2, Baker

Great Uncle Robert shares his memories of life as a baker with his great nephew, Zak.


10. My Story: Series 2, Sailing

Great Auntie Val shares her memories of her love of sailing with her great niece Leila.

Australian Farmer

11. My Story: Series 2, Australian Farmer

PaBa John tells his grandson Harry about life as a farmer in Australia.


12. My Story: Series 2, Buses

Bampi Alan shares his memories of working on the buses with his granddaughter Seren.

Steel Drummer

13. My Story: Series 2, Steel Drummer

Uncle Jamma shares his memories of being a musician with his nephew Reiss.


14. My Story: Series 2, Hotel

Mummy Sarah shares her memories with her daughter Isla of growing up in a hotel.


15. My Story: Series 2, Lighthouse

Grandad Billy shares his memories of being a lighthouse keeper with his grandson, David.


16. My Story: Series 2, Polo

Baba Bryn shares his memories of growing up in Kenya and playing polo with his daughter.


17. My Story: Series 2, Digging

Jack finds out all about digging for stone in the family's quarry.


18. My Story: Series 2, Policeman

Grandad John shares his memories of being a policeman with his grandson Jack.


19. My Story: Series 2, Climbing

Mummy Julia shares her memories of climbing mountains with her daughter Lucy.


20. My Story: Series 2, Tennis

Daddy Peter tells his son Joe all about winning a gold medal for playing tennis.


21. My Story: Series 2, Beefeater

Grandad Alan shares his memories of his life as a beefeater with his granddaughter Leah.

New Zealand

22. My Story: Series 2, New Zealand

Mummy Claire shares her memories of growing up on a blueberry farm in New Zealand.


23. My Story: Series 2, Weaver

Daddy Malcolm shares memories of his old job as a weaver with his children Zoe and Aidan.


24. My Story: Series 2, Surfer

Uncle Wayne shares his memories of surfing in Australia with his niece, Kirra.

Childhood 100 Years Ago

25. My Story: Series 2, Childhood 100 Years Ago

Mummy Jade and her daughter Sylvie find out what it was like to be a child 100 years ago.