Series 1

Series 1

Sitcom spin-off from CBBC sketch show Sorry, I've Got No Head, in which viewers get to see what computer game characters do in their 'time off'

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Fool's Gold

5. Pixelface: Series 1, Fool's Gold

Aethelwynne is suddenly rich after he finds a hoard of gold coins in his game.

Rex on the Bench

9. Pixelface: Series 1, Rex on the Bench

Rex and Riley compete for a place on a premiership team when a football game is rented.


9. Pixelface: Series 1, Reset

Claireparker is fed up with the chaos in the console, until she finds the reset button.

Mrs Dynamo's Son

10. Pixelface: Series 1, Mrs Dynamo's Son

Rex's mother, who thinks he is a gaming superhero special agent, comes to stay.

Saving Private Romford

11. Pixelface: Series 1, Saving Private Romford

Romford accidentally goes into self-destruct mode and the whole console is threatened.

The Game's Up

12. Pixelface: Series 1, The Game's Up

Rex Dynamo is near the end of his game, meaning that he will disappear from the Console.


13. Pixelface: Series 1, Bodyswap

Riley and Aethelwynne accidentally swap bodies after falling into the transporter.