Series 2

Series 2

Sitcom spin-off from CBBC sketch show Sorry, I've Got No Head, in which viewers get to see what computer game characters do in their 'time off'

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Bling My Droid

1. Pixelface: Series 2, Bling My Droid

Aethelwynne discovers a stack of cheat codes for 'Swords of the Ancients'.

Quit Bugging Me

2. Pixelface: Series 2, Quit Bugging Me

Alexia and Claireparker drive the rest of the team mad with their childish competitions.

Out of Sight

3. Pixelface: Series 2, Out of Sight

A lightning storm results in everyone forgetting that Claireparker even exists.

Fast and Furious

4. Pixelface: Series 2, Fast and Furious

Sgt Riley realises something is wrong and that he has somehow entered a parallel console.

You're History

5. Pixelface: Series 2, You're History

Alexia receives a gift from her Russian uncle: a red jigsaw block.

Major Players

6. Pixelface: Series 2, Major Players

Riley is excited when a no-nonsense character from a special mission arrives to stay.

The Ugly Truth

7. Pixelface: Series 2, The Ugly Truth

Alexia wants to look her best for the ball, and recruits Aethelwynne and his beauty box.

Strictly Romford

8. Pixelface: Series 2, Strictly Romford

Romford acquires himself a body, but it is not exactly what he expected.

Come Fly with Me

9. Pixelface: Series 2, Come Fly with Me

Claireparker's plans are disrupted by the arrival of a dashing airline pilot.

Mega Gino

10. Pixelface: Series 2, Mega Gino

Claireparker returns from Zombie City and is struggling to complete her next level.

The Dogs of War

11. Pixelface: Series 2, The Dogs of War

Aethelwynne has a devilish goblin puzzle lock to solve but cannot concentrate.

Rock Star

12. Pixelface: Series 2, Rock Star

Legendary guitarist Kirk Beaglemayer arrives in the console from the game Rock Legend.


13. Pixelface: Series 2, Hal

The console comes alive and decides that she wants to be a gaming character as well.