Series 1

Series 1

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No Newt is Good Newt

1. Scoop: Series 1, No Newt is Good Newt

Digby joins a famous explorer in his quest to find the extremely rare blue-spotted newt.

Out of This World

2. Scoop: Series 1, Out of This World

Digby tries to launch Hacker into orbit for a competition, and they encounter an alien.

Monk-y Business

3. Scoop: Series 1, Monk-y Business

A dull assignment at a monastery turns into an adventure when Digby finds a treasure map.


4. Scoop: Series 1, Cat-Astrophe

Digby tries to help Hacker get over his dislike of cats, but they soon get into trouble.

Fight Night

5. Scoop: Series 1, Fight Night

Wrestling fever hits town as US legend the Ballista prepares for a one-off bout in Pilbury

Hair-Brained Scheme

6. Scoop: Series 1, Hair-Brained Scheme

Digby thinks he has some hot news on Hollywood action movie star Kent Cheesenburger.

Don't Read All About It

7. Scoop: Series 1, Don't Read All About It

Digby resorts to desperate measures when Hacker destroys a famous author's new book.

Gran Day Out

8. Scoop: Series 1, Gran Day Out

Digby chases a crime gang that has been stealing valuables and replacing them with cakes.