Series 3

Series 3

Pirate-themed physical gameshow where a team of daring young swashbucklers take on the naughty Cook, Line and Captain Sinker, to win jewels for their treasure chest!

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Double Trouble

1. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Double Trouble

Gem's team is made up of some identical twin Swashbucklers.


2. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Swashpuppets

Cook and Line use odd socks to create their own cast of Swashpuppets.

The Line Song

3. Swashbuckle: Series 3, The Line Song

Pirate Cannons and Tangled Net stand in the way of Gem's jewels.

Cook's Seaweed Rap

4. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Cook's Seaweed Rap

A high tide has resulted in the shipwreck being covered in seaweed.

Treasure Trap

5. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Treasure Trap

Captain Sinker asks Cook and Line to come up with a trap to catch would-be robbers.


6. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Mermaids

Cook and Line try to become a mermaid so they can get their own back on Captain Sinker.

A Fruitful Day

7. Swashbuckle: Series 3, A Fruitful Day

Stepping Stones and Swashbubbles are in store for Georgia, Ejika, Redha and Ellie.

Shipwreck in a Bottle

8. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Shipwreck in a Bottle

Captain Sinker needs peace and quiet if she's going to finish her ship in a bottle.

Sinker's Letter

9. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Sinker's Letter

Cook and Line are writing a letter home and encourage Captain Sinker to do the same.


10. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Sandcastles

Captain Sinker wants to win a sandcastle competition, so sets Cook and Line to work.

One of the Crew

11. Swashbuckle: Series 3, One of the Crew

Captain Sinker disguises herself as one of her crew to blend in.

The Big Fall Out

12. Swashbuckle: Series 3, The Big Fall Out

Cook and Line have fallen out. Captain Sinker needs to play the peacemaker.

Plant Hunters

13. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Plant Hunters

Sinker wants to return home rich and famous like plant hunters of old.

Precious Pearls

14. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Precious Pearls

Captain Sinker finds a precious pearl in a stinky oyster.

Silent Sinker

15. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Silent Sinker

Captain Sinker has lost her voice - so who will shout from the Crow's Nest?

Jolly Splodger

16. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Jolly Splodger

Captain Sinker is bored of the Jolly Roger and wants a new flag to make her stand out.

Sticky Fly Trap

17. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Sticky Fly Trap

Captain Sinker is desperate to get rid of Cook's pet fly Pedro, so she sets sticky traps.


18. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Weevils

The pirates are plagued by weevils and the only way to lure them away is with biscuits.

Super Cannon

19. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Super Cannon

Captain Sinker orders a super-cannon to the shipwreck.


20. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Hammocks

Captain Sinker hurts her back and orders a comfy bed from Cook and Line.


21. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Shellephone

Cook and Line create a makeshift telephone using two shells and a string of seaweed.

Cannonball Catastrophe

22. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Cannonball Catastrophe

There is trouble for Captain Sinker when Cook mistakes the chocolate powder for gunpowder.


23. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Mutiny

Cook and Line learn they could stage a mutiny, but have they got the courage?

Maps - the Way to Do It

24. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Maps - the Way to Do It

Captain Sinker tries to teach Cook and Line how to read a map.

Leaky Landlubbers

25. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Leaky Landlubbers

The Ship's Mess is so full that the tiniest drop could cause a messy disaster.

Snow Joke

26. Swashbuckle: Series 3, Snow Joke

Captain Sinker's Christmas snow globe ends up in the Ship's Mess.