Series 1

Series 1

Tim and Naomi uncover the weirdest wildlife tales that the planet has to offer.

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Nature's Mysteries

1. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Nature's Mysteries

Tim and Naomi investigate a golf course in Australia with sharks in the water hazard.

Bizarre Behaviour

2. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Bizarre Behaviour

Tim and Naomi investigate elks on the rampage in a quiet American town.

Radical Relationships

3. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Radical Relationships

Tim and Naomi meet the ducklings with a cat for a mum.

Ice Ice Baby

4. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Ice Ice Baby

Tim and Naomi discover a frog which can freeze and unfreeze.

Animal Magic

5. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Animal Magic

Featuring an octopus who thinks he is Houdini, and a stoat that hypnotises its prey.

Animal Oddities

6. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Animal Oddities

Featuring the Suriname toad and army ants on a march to the death.

Clever Critters

7. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Clever Critters

Tim and Naomi check out some of the planet's brainiest animals.

The Love Show

8. Wild & Weird: Series 1, The Love Show

Featuring mayflies on an intensive speed date and a kissing bug.

Uninvited Guests

9. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Uninvited Guests

Tim and Naomi check out a body-snatching parasitic worm that is a master of mind control.

Tales of the Unexpected

10. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Tales of the Unexpected

Featuring an elephant seal that turned up on a zebra crossing in Rio de Janeiro.

Freaky Phenomena

11. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Freaky Phenomena

Featuring a sea in Australia that turned into a foam bath.

Super Swarms

12. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Super Swarms

Featuring a swarm of locusts of biblical proportions.

Alien Encounters

13. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Alien Encounters

Featuring a mysterious 10-metre-long animal called a pyrosome.

Eerie Events

14. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Eerie Events

Tim and Naomi discover a remote tropical island invaded by 30 million crabs.

Horror Stories

15. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Horror Stories

Featuring a flesh-eating fly with a taste for humans.

Invading Armies

16. Wild & Weird: Series 1, Invading Armies

Tim and Naomi check out a Californian town under attack from moving plants.