Series 2

Series 2

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1. Boomers: Series 2, Christmas

The gang get stuck in Calais on the way home from the Christmas markets in Cologne.


1. Boomers: Series 2, Camping

The gang go camping to celebrate Trevor's birthday.

Matt & Seb

3. Boomers: Series 2, Matt & Seb

The gang head to a housewarming party for new neighbours Matt and Seb.

Naming Ceremony

3. Boomers: Series 2, Naming Ceremony

The couples head off to the naming ceremony of Alan and Joyce's first granddaughter.

Mick's Return

4. Boomers: Series 2, Mick's Return

Having separated from his younger wife Elena, Mick returns to Alan and Joyce's.

Murder Mystery

5. Boomers: Series 2, Murder Mystery

For his birthday, John decides to do something different - a murder mystery party.


6. Boomers: Series 2, Wedding

Maureen's mum Joan drops a bombshell - she's getting married to someone 20 years younger.