Series 2

Series 2

Sitcom about an American slacker full of outlandish, New Age ideas who marries a British woman and comes to live in the UK, much to her parents' horror.

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A New Beginning

1. Cuckoo: Series 2, A New Beginning

A painful operation and a mysterious stranger conspire to make life less simple for Ken.

Potato Party

2. Cuckoo: Series 2, Potato Party

Dale is looking for a path in life - and alights on Cuckoo's potato van.


3. Cuckoo: Series 2, Tribunal

Ken defends Steve for medical malpractice. Ben wants to set Dale up with Rachel's friend.


4. Cuckoo: Series 2, Funeral

When Ken's old professor's dying wish goes wrong, Dale and Ken turn up at the funeral.

Ken at Work

5. Cuckoo: Series 2, Ken at Work

The senior partner at Ken's firm is retiring and Ken is in line for succession.

Neighbourhood Watch

6. Cuckoo: Series 2, Neighbourhood Watch

An intruder leaves Ken questioning his manliness. Rachel and Ben are moving in together.

Christmas Special

7. Cuckoo: Series 2, Christmas Special

Ben and Dale both want to make Rachel's holiday special and Ken gets stuck in the middle.